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Reshma Grewal – Social Media Strategist

Reshma Grewal

Reshma Grewal is a Writing and Literature student at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and plans to minor in Applied Psychology and English with a specialization in Literature and the Mind. She focuses on realistic fiction and creative nonfiction writing, with common themes of trauma, development and personality. 

In addition, Reshma is working with Kindred’s Editor, Lisa Regan, and Kindred’s Social Justice Editor, Dave Metler on founding a Kindred Fellowship Program to establish a dynamic and sustained pathway between young changemakers like herself and Kindred. The Kindred Fellowship Program will catalyze Kindred as a launching pad for Kindred’s next generation of changemakers who will be mentored by Kindred’s thought leaders around childhood-centered social justice education and supported in putting their ideas for change into action.

Allison Throckmorton Nida – Social Media Strategist

Allison Throckmorton
Allison Throckmorton Nida

Allison Throckmorton Nida is a Richmond, VA native and a graduate from Christopher Newport University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. When not scouring all of her social media accounts, she enjoys relaxing by the water, thrift store shopping, or watching the classic Seinfeld. As a self-taught cook, she spends her time trying new recipes and enjoying time with friends and family.

When you watch the Kindred Twitter and Facebook turn into a firestorm, that’s Allison sharing the new story at lightning speed!

Teresa Graham Brett – Associate Editor

Teresa Graham Brett

Teresa lives her passion for creating social change by combining her work in social justice education with parenting. As a professional, she has spent over 20 years working in and with universities and colleges as an educator, leader, administrator and consultant committed to advancing social change and social justice. After graduating from law school, she decided not to practice law. Instead, she opted to serve the cause of social change and justice through her work at three large public universities across the country. She worked with innovative programs designed to create transformative learning for students, staff and faculty. As a consultant she continues to bring her expertise and passion to clients interested in transformative learning, social change and social justice.

Her own life was transformed after the births of Martel and Greyson, who have challenged her to live the values of liberation, freedom and respect as a parent. She discovered the ways in which she did not live in congruence with her professional values in her role as a parent. Using her experience in facilitating social justice learning, she began her own learning journey toward creating respectful relationships with the children who share her life. This personal journey and her challenge to others to create broader social change by transforming how we view and treat children is chronicled in her writing, both on her website and in her book, Parenting for Social Change

Read Teresa’s full bio, as well as articles and podcasts on Kindred here.

Evelyn Grewal – Marketing Maven

Evelyn Grewal

Evelyn is the founder of Zeba Media, a strategic media planning and execution service with focus on traditional and new media and technology.  She has worked with Kindred on marketing projects since 2012 and looks forward to helping to shepherd Kindred through its growth and expansion phases.  Evelyn has lived in Mumbai and on both US coasts. She currently lives in Sacramento, California.



Reagan Film Studios

Keith and Collins Reagan have served as champions of Kindred and Kindred World from the nonprofit’s creation in 1998.  Keith and Collins share their filming talents with Kindred for the New Story Film Series.  Their work has been featured in the Country Music Channel’s #1 music video for six weeks straight in 2014.  He has also been ranked as Wedding Wire’s top ten national videographers.  You can see their work on www.ReaganStudios.com.  

Lisa Reagan – Editor

On a Mother (of a) Quest for 20 years as an award-winning journalist, activist and nonprofit visionary, Lisa Reagan explores the space between our unsustainable, industrial Old Story and the emerging New Story of what is possible for Cultural Creative families – who are listening to their children, while envisioning and exploring the way forward. Lisa is a co-founder of the nonprofit Kindred World and the executive editor of Kindred.

You can read Lisa’s full bio, as well as her features and interviews on Kindred, here.