Global Issues and Conscious Living

Better World Links

Better world links.


Caduceus Magazine.

Center for Ecoliteracy

CEL: writings online.

Climate Friendly

Make your home and your business climate friendly!

Co-Intelligence Institute

For help with group and community processes.


Tom Atlee, Innovations in Democracy.

Dr Barry Hewlett – Vancouver WSU

Dr Barry Hewlett, Anthropologist.

Eco Sustainable

Sustainable Economics.

Ethical Business


Environment Hub.

Global Mindshift

To change the world, change your mind.


Green Net Australia

International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC)

Promoting locally based alternatives to the global consumer culture.


Mothers Against Genetic Engineering a rapidly growing group of politically unaligned women who have decided to actively resist the use of genetically engineered organisms in our food.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore, author and documentary film maker.

Organic Consumers Association

Campaigning for food safety, organic agriculture, fair trade and sustainability.

Responsible Investment Association


Resurgence magazine.

Sprituality, Leadership and Management Network

A member based global network dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness.

Tao of Democracy

Tom Atlee, The Tao of Democracy.

The Happy Side

The happy side, conscious living.

Thinking Parent

It information-seeking parents with easy-to-read summaries of recently published high-quality medical and psychological research.

Thomas Hartmann

Thomas Hartmann

Win Wenger

Project Renaissance. Creative thinking pioneer Win Wenger’s core mission is to enable as many human beings as possible to become more than a match for the situations, opportunities and problems or difficulties that they find around them, and to enjoy a richer quality of life and experience.

Wise Food Ways

Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection.