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Regenerative Health

The Regenerative Health model was developed by Dr. Stephanie Mines as a response to meeting the devastating health consequences of the climate crisis, particularly for vulnerable populations. Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World incorporates all medicines and is shaped to the needs of individuals and communities. Healing wisdom is in the cells of our bodies. It is inherent and innate, and available to everyone. We can awaken to it particularly when we are together. This is why the Regenerative Health model emphasizes healing in community. The Regenerative Health model aims to collate regenerative and sustainable resources, including indigenous medicines that are transferable, with permission, to others. This includes touch therapies, healing songs and stories and related traditional and innovative healing arts. It is the delivery of culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, effective and safe regenerative healthcare modalities that is the main function of the Regenerative Health for A Climate Changing World model.