Facing Our Climate Change Fear With Our Original Brilliance: Stephanie Mines On The Maui Wildfires

Stephanie Mines, founder of Climate Change and Consciousness and the TARA Approach, moved to Hawaii this summer, days before the Maui wildfires broke.  The wildfire in Maui destroyed the historic town of Lahaina and killed over 100 people, making it the worst natural disaster in state history and the deadliest U.S. wildfire in over a century.

Stephanie is in a unique position to talk with about this current event, as her integrative and groundbreaking work as a researcher and scientist covers the neurobiology of climate change, trauma, and our innate capacities to return to our Original Brilliance and Resilience. Her most recent book is The Secret of Resilience: Healing Personal and Planetary Trauma Through Morphogenesis. Stephanie is a contributing editor to Kindred Media and the vice president of our parent nonprofit, Kindred World.

In this interview you will travel an arc from acknowledgement of grief, despair, and paralysis so many of us feel in the face of climate change to a practical, assessable plan of action ground in regenerative healthcare practices that can activate your own Original Brilliance. As Stephanie shares, “As our inner climate becomes congruent with Original Brilliance then our activism at this juncture, when all of us are needed, is in integrity to our Original Brilliance.”

In this interview you will learn:

  1. How the current crisis in Maui is the result of an ongoing “rape” of the land for generations. Our inner climate is showing up in our outer climate.
  2. Why vacationers in Hawaii are being offered a “gift” of an opportunity to awaken to the reality of climate change and begin to question their role in it.
  3. How babies in utero now are aware of what is happening and how their prenatal experiences are shaping their neurobiology.
  4. How a return to our “Original Brilliance” through regenerative health practices can help us prepare to face climate change disasters by healing our states of shock and trauma and building our resilience.


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