Original Brilliance

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Original Brilliance:


During prenatal development, the embryo is faced with the stupendous challenge of forming itself within the context of unique environmental conditions. This requires somatic intelligence of the highest order.

Each embryo problem-solves her way to fulfill her own particular destiny.

This problem-solving and somatic strategizing, fueled by sensory responses to emergent conditions, continues through the gauntlet of the perinatal process.

This is the intelligence I refer to as Original Brilliance or Embryonic Intelligence.

The word Entelechy matches this also. Entelechy is defined in philosophy as the realization of potential. It is also defined as the vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism.

The tadpole, for instance, is the entelechy of the frog. The acorn is the entelechy of the oak tree.

This phrase was created by Stephanie Mines, Ph.D., who is the vision Holder/Founder: Climate Change & Consciousness and the founder of the TARA Approach. You can read Stephanie’s work and listen to her podcast interviews on Kindred here. Stephanie is the author of the newly released The Secret of Resilience: Healing Personal and Planetary Trauma Through Morphogenesis  and the forthcoming The Great Physician: Medicinal Poetry for the Anthropocene

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