Kindred’s August Issue – Letter from the Editor

Dear Kindred Community,

In keeping with the spirit of our nonprofit mission to envision and bring forward a Wisdom-based, Wellness-informed Society, we have curated for you a timely, helpful, hopeful, and practical collection of posts, podcasts, videos, and a joyful, often hilarious, 28 Days of Solo Play campaign (starts September).


The long-anticipated and highly-acclaimed book The Evolved Nest: Nature’s Way of Raising Children and Creating Connected Communities by Darcia Narvaez and Gay Bradshaw was released this month. You’re invited to join us August 22 at 3 p.m. for a LIVE discussion with the authors. Register here. We usually talk about the Breaking the Cycle and Reimagining Humanity films in these live monthly Zoom calls, so you are welcome to bring your questions to this August call as well.

This month’s resources for the new Evolved Nest book include Gabor Maté’s foreword, the first chapter of the book, and a very courageous and humbling video interview by a mother of a six year-old, Meghan Armstrong, who bravely asks Gay and Darcia, “How do we create nestedness in an unnested world?”

In addition to welcoming The Evolved Nest book to Kindred’s ecology of cultural transformation resources this month, I also met with Stephanie Mines, the founder of Climate Change and Consciousness and the TARA Approach, on the heels of her move to Hawaii days before the Maui wildfires broke. Stephanie brings her personal history with Hawaii and her extensive neurobiological research into trauma, shock, and regenerative health to help us connect our inner and outer climate crises in this podcast. Her phrase, Original Brilliance, found its way into Kindred’s New Story Glossary this month. Our interview covers the promise of our return to our individual Original Brilliance and its relationship to fostering our Advanced Resilience. We need new language to tell a new story, so please send me your suggestions,

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Continuing down the path of our biology’s capacity for healing ourselves and our planet, Kindred’s brilliant and compassionate founder, Kelly Wendorf, shares with us ways to recognize the trauma of colonization showing up in our bodies and how we can decolonize ourselves as a step toward liberating our body’s intelligences.

Kindred’s new contributor, Pegi Eyers, moves us toward the possibilities of collective healing and its impact on Peaceful Co-existence & Unity in Diversity.

And finally, please don’t mistake “healing” work for drudgery… it turns out that PLAY is one of the best healing practices for adults! We have some humorous suggestions for you starting in September with our 28 Days of Solo Play. But remember, we said SOLO PLAY, so check the hallway before “Making Your Grand Entrance” into rooms of your home next month!

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