Find Your Bliss: Where Are You Most Like A Kid In A Candy Shop?

As a soul nurturer, I am frequently asked, “How do I create more peace in my life. Come on, lay it out for me. Give me some steps!” My answer is always that there are unlimited pathways to freedom, all unique to you, but I can share a few things that have worked for me and many others.

#1 “Like a Kid in a Candy Shop!”

Identify where and when YOU most resemble a kid in a candy shop. This alone will provide important clues as to the derivation of your bliss, joy and inspiration, all states of being that most allow your authentic self to shine through from the inside out. Ideally, this “high” feeling becomes integrated not only into your favorite past time, but also into your chosen career as you seek to make the “unofficial” official.

Twenty years ago, I was like a kid in a candy shop whenever I entered a metaphysical bookstore or book section. Literally, my energy elevated, my eyes sparkled, and my joy expanded. Today, I am a soul nurturer and author, speaking, teaching and writing on the very topics that have been my greatest passion for over two decades…

Over twenty years ago, my husband was overjoyed each summer as he headed up to Wisconsin to counsel, teach and coach lively boys at a camp for eight weeks. Like a kid in a candy shop, he came alive during the interactions and teachable moments with eager and enthusiastic youth. Fast forward to age forty-three, he has been teaching and coaching at a local high school for the past eighteen years and truly living a soul calling felt early on in his development…

Ask yourself: Where is my candy shop? Cull the aspects of it that you love. Analyze the many facets to your bliss. Brainstorm viable ideas and create something new from the inspiration.

#2 Self-Care

Self-Care becomes the most important aspect of your life when you come to understand your tremendous power in shaping your own reality. The profound recognition that you are highly contributing to your future moments through your thoughts, words, deeds, focus, perceptions, intentions, beliefs and emotional state of being transforms (and I mean TRANSFORMS) your priorities to include at the very top of the list self-care. Your internal reality is seen in a new light–as the source of your external reality rather than the effect. In other words, your inner world is running the show–always–no exceptions!

#3 Forgiveness

It is most helpful to understand that forgiveness is simply another word for freedom, empowerment and peace for the soul. It matters only for YOU, as the negative energy held due to anger, guilt and resentment embedded in your overall system ultimately affects mostly you (and to some extent the ones who must interact with you if they allow it). Forgiveness, always extended towards yourself first, enables the free flow of energy to resume its natural course through your heart, mind and body unfettered, allowing you to untether yourself from unnecessary suffering to create your desired reality.

There are many anger processes and forgiveness exercises that can be utilized to expedite a speedy release. The objective is always to work through emotions as they occur rather than holding, denying, or stuffing down negative energy to be looked at later through dis-ease in the body or through another disheartening situation mirroring the original (same basic script, different players). What you resist, does indeed persist! The path to freedom is a lifelong journey with no finish line, highlighted again and again with more frequent moments of illumination and deeply felt authenticity as you move step-by-step beyond the limitations of fear. So go now and enter your candy shop and enJOY all the deliciousness that awaits you!

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