Underground Backyard Chicken Movement!


Underground Backyard Chicken Movement

The photo above is of my family’s “favorite” chicken, a bearded and booted Mille Fleur d’Uccle, a true Belgian bantam, meaning she is not a miniature version of a larger chicken. The mille fleur means many flowers. She really is the best and sweetest hen we’ve ever had. She was a rescue hen from a couple who no longer wanted to keep her and her sisters.  

If you haven’t gotten your backyard flock going yet, Here are some resources to help!

Here is a selection of our favorite backyard chicken books and equipment.

Below is a hilarious video about the hazards and joys of a backyard flock, even when they are underground!

And here is a story I wrote that featured the little bird above.

Remember, where ever chickens are outlawed, only outlaws will have chickens!  See the chicken video here!

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