Kelly Wendorf

Kelly Wendorf is a writer, author, public speaker, facilitator and social entrepreneur. Having spent much of her life between the Native lands of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, to the devotional places of India, and finally the vast expanse of Australia, she has spent years exploring the practical application of spiritual awakening to daily life, social change, sustainable business practices and innovations in community learning. This lead to her work as founder of Kindred magazine, and eventually the Kindred online community, where she continues to contribute her valuable articles, which are enjoyed by many. She is also the editor and contributing writer for the anthology, Stories of Belonging (Finch Publishing).

More recently, Kelly co-founded The Institute of the Southwest along with her husband Wayne Muller, an educational organization. The Institute’s self-mastery program, The Equus Experience, works with individuals, organizations and corporations to explore collaborative leadership through co-facilitation with horses. Working alongside her team of horses, Kelly works with people to discover how nature reveals their innate wisdom and strength.  Kelly currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, Wayne and her two children.


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