Is Your Daily Routine Lethal?

Whilst I was a student, many decades ago know, I had a wonderful teacher who encouraged me to do my routine differently…for a day. He encouraged me to do this in an effort to not only use both sides of my body but in an attempt to stop taking what I do for granted and appreciate the body I have chosen to live in. So I set about doing a few things he suggested of which I quickly come to realize how automatic my life was, striving to be the most efficient I could be quick to get things down without thought or pause.

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And seeing the Vital Moms ezine is about “Firsts” I decided to create a challenge were the “lethal switched off routine” of our daily life could be broken, if only momentarily. You can make this a family thing to do if you have kids and if you have grandchildren make it a game and step aside to see what happens. If you own a business and have team members incorporate this into your work place culture for a month of fun!

Here goes…

I have listed for you 38 things we automatically do and I’ve either asked you to do the opposite or make a note of what you do. Only choose 30 or 31 of the things because the challenge only goes for a month. They are all things you possibly take for granted, don’t think about any more and or unconsciously strive to complete in the most efficient way as you rush out the door to get somewhere. Simply select a thing to do each day for 30 or 31 days and do it differently. Choose only one a day because the point is for you to attune to your body and note what you take for granted. For example perhaps it’s a “routine” that now takes longer than expected or eating is now slower (not a bad thing!), tying the shoelaces is more challenging or drying yourself after a shower now takes on a whole new meaning! Not only will this create immense frustration within you as you attempt to go about your daily “routine” less efficiently however it too will be fun and stimulating.

It’s time to appreciate and celebrate how weird, wonderful and wacky life is when we stop and attempt to do our daily “lethal routine” differently!

Here are 38 items for you to work through in no particular order. This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have some wonderful creative additions to this list please share them on our Vital Moms FaceBook page to let us all know.

Above all enjoy and have FUN with it!

Choose one “thing” to do differently per day for 30 days:

  1. Brush your teeth with the other hand
  2. Uncross your legs when sitting
  3. Wash the dishes starting from the other side
  4. Fall asleep facing the other way
  5. Note how you automatically dry yourself a certain way after a shower and do it a different way!
  6. Brush your hair with the other hand
  7. Switch your mouse around to the other side (now that will challenge a few I am sure)
  8. Scroll your phone or mobile device (e.g. iPad) with the other hand and finger
  9. Sleep on the other side of the bed
  10. Change seats at the dinner table (if you are really routine orientated!)
  11. Sweep the floor with broom in the other hand
  12. Empty the dishwasher from the other side
  13. Set the table as a left hander would eat or if left handed as a right hander would eat
  14. Eat as a left hander if you are right handed and vice versa
  15. Write a shopping list with your right hand if you are left handed and left hand if you are right handed
  16. Pluck your eyebrows with your other hand
  17. Put your organic make up on (if you wear it) with the other hand
  18. Rule a line with the other hand going the other way
  19. Blow dry your hair with the other hand/arm
  20. Drive the kids to school via a different route
  21. This is for the kids… skate board with the opposite foot forward
  22. Hammer a nail with the other hand
  23. Unlock your front door with the other hand
  24. Kick the ball with the other foot
  25. Throw a ball with the other arm
  26. Hug on the opposite side (left side to left side and heart to heart!)
  27. Lather with soap with the opposite hand
  28. Step with a different leg first when putting clothes on in the morning
  29. Mix contents in a bowl with the opposite hand
  30. Stir a pot with the opposite hand
  31. Eat chocolate with the opposite hand
  32. Paint a picture with the opposite hand
  33. Use calculator with the opposite hand
  34. This is another one for the kids… surf with the opposite foot forward
  35. Do your belt up the opposite way
  36. Use a spoon in other hand
  37. Drink out of a glass with other hand
  38. Pour from a jug with other hand

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