Dr. Shefali Calls For An #EndShame Movement

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A Call to Action! Our Children Need Us Now!

I invite you to join me in the #ENDSHAME movement. I hope you are inspired to share this message and change the way our children are treated on social media. Don’t forget to pass it on with #endshame.


It is imperative that every parent and every social media user hears this message.

WRITTEN BY: Dr. Shefali Tsabary as heard in video message:

I am here to articulate how our children feel if they are shamed in public

Because if our children could express their feelings and make their voices heard, this is what they might say to the parents in their lives

Mom, dad, how would you like it if you made a mistake at work and your boss shaved your hair off and posted it on the company’s website?

Or your mom caught you smoking pot in college and made you wear a t-shirt of shame to be worn publicly for all to see?

Or if I took a video of you when you were yelling or screaming at me because you were tired and I sent it to all our friends and family.

How would you feel knowing that you had no control over how your parents treated you?
Knowing that the two people you trusted the most in the world could betray you so publicly?
Knowing that you were not allowed to make mistakes and still keep your dignity?


Am I not a human being just like you?
Prone to unconscious mistakes, bad choices and judgments just as you are?
Then why, why, are children not treated as human, like adults are?
Why are we treated as chattel, property, puppets and minions?

I am here to say I AM A HUMAN and I know I deserve dignity
I came to you so you could honor my soul, nurture my worth and preserve my spirit
Yet it is you who annhilates my very essence
In the name of parenting, in the name of love, in the name of teaching

I am a child and I am here to end the shaming of all of us
It is time for you, mom and dad, to now look in the mirror
To wake up, to grow up, and become the person you were meant to be
The parent
The guardian
The usherer
Of my Soul

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