Parenting For A Peaceful World Inspires New Song

I was very touched to receive a message from Tracey Curtis, English singer-songwriter and mother-of-five who wrote a song called: ‘Raising Girls and Boys’ inspired by my book Parenting for a Peaceful World.

Discover the psycho-social-emotional history of parenting in Robin’s seminal book.

She writes songs about family, life and death, protest songs and is blessed with a uniquely cheeky, clear and sweet voice. And she’s not afraid to aim her guitar at institutions that deserve it.

If the message of my book became music, I can’t be happier. Thank you Tracey. You can hear Tracey’s song, ‘Raising Girls and Boys’ above and here more of her work at her website here.

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Watch the Parenting for a Peaceful World USA Tour playlist on YouTube here.

Read Robin Grille on Kindred here.

Visit Robin’s website here.

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