How to Help Kids Master and Control Their Emotions – With Pam Leo

Nicole Telfer, EmpoweredkidsTV, interviews Pam Leo, author of Connection Parenting, in the video above. Nicole is the author of The Secrets of Connected Families: Get your kids to cooperate, without having to yell, bribe, or threaten them.

Nicole is on a mission to help families heal, break free of the cycle of conflict and learn how to thrive in today’s fast paced world. Through our programs parents access resources to up-level their families, reduce conflict in their homes, say goodbye to nagging and yelling and more importantly leave their kids open and eager for their guidance. At EmpoweredkidsTV we help parents connect with themselves and their kids at a deep level so that they can turn their families into unstoppable teams that are fully supported and unconditionally loved.

Pam Leo is an independent scholar in human development, a parent educator, a certified childbirth educator and a doula. With a career that spans over four decades, Pam has helped thousands of childcare professionals and parents shift their mindset, connect more deeply with their kids and help their kids heal from emotional hurt.

Nicole says, “For me, our guest today was literally life-changing. Her work shifted the way I saw my kids and myself as a parent. She helped me to see my own emotional triggers differently and allowed me to release the pain of some of my childhood beliefs.

“Because of her, I am a better parent, one who strives to improve every day and but can accept my shortcomings with grace and love. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a woman show was courageous enough to against the norm and prove that we can raise kids with connection rather than coercion, with love rather than fear the amazing Pam Leo.”

In this interview we talk about:

1. What is emotional discharge and why its important for parents and kids?

2. What happens when we hold our feelings in

3. What is required for parents to be able to help kids manage the full range of emotions in positive ways

4. Why punishment hurts more than it heals and what to do instead to raise happy healthy kids.

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  1. Lucky Ibeakanma says

    Emotions are a very delicate part of humans and require proper monitoring to ensure the maintenance of sanity. I always advise that kids are taught to master and control their emotions on their own. That way depression and frustration that comes in the latter stages of life can be handled effectively. This is a nice article.

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