The Apple or the Doughnut

‘The World Health Organization warns that the global burden of chronic disease is increasing rapidly, and predicts that by the year 2020 chronic disease will account for almost three quarters of all deaths. In Australia, the burden of chronic disease and its consequent effect on disability and death is growing in line with this trend.’
From ‘The National Chronic Disease Strategy’, Australian Government, 2005

Did you get that? As current trends continue, within the next decade 75% of ALL deaths on this planet will be due to chronic diseases. The most disheartening aspect of this fact is that most, if not all, chronic diseases are the direct result of our lifestyle choices and are therefore preventable.

Something is drastically wrong when we are getting sicker and sicker over time, and not healthier and healthier. Human beings are now possibly the sickest species on the planet.
With this in mind, the two most important questions we can ask are:

Why are we sick?

How do we get and stay well?

To answer these questions we require a new paradigm…a different way of thinking. Considering our present poor results it would seem obvious that our ‘old’ health and sickness paradigm has failed miserably.

I’d like you to stop and really think about this next question for a moment. Would you trade your health, or the health of those you love, for something else? And another question, do you feel you are healthy as you could be?

If you’re like most of us you will admit that health is one of the most important assets in your life and the lives of those you love. And, if you’re being honest, you’ll admit that you’re not expressing health in terms of your full potential.

My question is…WHY?

The answer to that is really what this blog is about. My goal for this blog is to share new ideas and open discussion so we can all move in a new direction towards our birthright of abundant health, vitality and longevity. To do so will mean exploding many of your long held myths and beliefs regarding health and sickness.

You have done some things today that you know made you less healthy.
You have also failed to do some things that you know would have made you more healthy.
Is that true? Of course it is!

It’s the apple or the doughnut…

Do you agree that an apple is better than a doughnut in terms of your health?
So…why don’t we choose the apple over the doughnut?
The answer is because we really don’t understand the devastation of that doughnut…and the devastation of missing that apple.

Most people think the doughnut might add a little weight…or make your kid a bit swirly for a while…but that’s about it.

What you don’t say to yourself is, “This doughnut is driving me to obesity, heart disease, depression, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, and so on.” You don’t truly think of the doughnut as being harmful. If you did, you would not eat it. And you certainly would not feed it to your child. That would be 100% incongruent with your values.

By the way, I realise that some of you never actually eat doughnuts. The doughnut is simply representative of anything that can move you away from health. This not only includes some of the things that you eat, but also how you move, as well as what you think. More on that later!

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