A Kanyini Prayer for the New Year

 imageUncle Bob

On behalf of all of us of indigenous ancestry from the First Peoples of Australia,

to all the great Creators of Nature, who have always loved us without condition throughout

all our natural life and beyond, I offer this prayer:

To Mother Earth: I acknowledge with love and appreciation the care and unconditional love

you provide for all living things. May we be led to understand this; may your ways of

unconditional love for all life be our ways, that we live this each moment of our life.

To Mother Sun: I acknowledge the light You share – living as a light of love, peace,

understanding and honoring each and every one of us throughout the world. May we

understand your light as life that relates us to each other as family so we can be led to love

each other and all living as family. May we develop ways like you, loving without

judgement that we can live love without conditions. May we learn from you to shine our

light from within, in service to each other and all living throughout the world to the best of

our ability.

To all of Nature: I acknowledge and honour the life you give. The Air we breathe that gives

us life, The Water we drink that gives us life, The creatures we kill that gives us life The

plants we take from earth that gives us life to every living thing I may have not mentioned

that gives us life I acknowledge you with appreciation and love.

To all Peoples of the World: I acknowledge and honor each and every one of you. May we

each be responsible for the well-being of each other and all living in the ways we think,

speak, and act towards each other each moment of our lives. May we communicate with

love. May we action our interactions with the qualites of love- compassion, patience,

humility, kindness, generosity and caring- to know and understand each other. May we be

love and peace, respecting the cultural beliefs of each other, that we may live with love

and peace always.

With love, I offer this prayer in the name of all that is sacred and holy.

So Let It Be

Tjilpi Bob Randall

Yankunytjatjara Nation

Uluru/Central Desert Region


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