Children As Spiritual Teachers

There’s a certain comfort in believing that all there is to life is shelter, food, sex, sleep, babies, and avoiding intra-species predation and conflict. Existence on those terms is very simple. You can swallow the pill that all there is to being a successful example of the species is to do well at school, get a good job, find a spouse (or three) that complements you, and provide for yourself into your eventual retirement (and death). Our entire educational system is grounded in facilitating people in navigating this very simple view of the life cycle.

And yet… once you have had a visceral, indubitable experience of yourself as a soul being, like Joseph Chilton Pearce wrote about in his books, the idea of trying to cram our experience into a factory line called “life” is akin to  jamming ourselves like sardines into a tin-can that we simply weren’t made for.

We have a consciousness and a life beyond this body and beyond this animal brain that directs our physical expression. Our challenge, as humans, is to bring this higher consciousness, that comes from elsewhere, into the physical dimension and overlay it onto the Earth predator-prey survival dynamic. We are here to translate, transform, and transcend the animal experience, so that we as a species may work with physical reality in a way that is very much beyond the restrictions and limitations of the three dimensional world.

Contemporary state-funded schools, as they are laid out, simply can’t (or won’t) enable this transcendence in our children. (For a detailed explanation of how, read John Taylor Gatto’s Underground History of American Education.) The average school cohort, and school curriculum, are structured upon survival of the fittest lines leading to good taxpayers and not transcendent beings. Spiritual transcendence occurs when we know we are complete – yet, consumerism, and culture, function on the presumption that we are are incomplete without their influence. Most contemporary schools focus exclusively on the development of the neo-cortical brain in service of the hind brain, to help children “get a good job”, stopping short before considering the development potential of the pre-frontal lobes in teenage years or the even more highly evolved “heart brain” which transforms us into radically free beings of unlimited potential.

I met a very special man, and one of the first things he said to me was “read Crack in the Cosmic Egg.” It took me a year to heed his advice, and by then I’d already written two books of my own (Here-Now Samadhi and Awaken the Flame), based on the mind blowing and world-view transforming experiences I’d had through knowing him. He was the sort of man whose pre-frontal lobes were constantly pulsing, even to the touch, who could connect to the Akashic field to know anything at any moment (he’d graduated school by age 14 and had his PHD by 19), could enter other people’s bodies, heal them instantly energetically, and transfer both Shivapat (god consciousness) and Shaktipat (soul power). He could enter your dreams, and transfer information telepathically. He rarely ate and his body, particularly his heart, burnt very hot making clothes and bedding quite intolerable. Meeting him, I knew that a very different future for humanity was possible.


Just as Joseph Chilton Pearce so clearly demonstrated in Biology of Transcendence, this potential blueprint for humanity isn’t just the domain of avatars and super humans like Jesus – they are the birthright of every child. And the basic ingredients of providing the building blocks to manifest this potential are the very things we are currently denying our children – the complete knowledge of themselves as whole, safe, and loved, with or without school, so that their lower brains never need to take the reins, enslaving forevermore their creativity and analytical potential to their full-time service rather than their transcendence.

As this man demonstrated to me, something else is possible, and that something else is “nothing.” We need nothing at all to manifest this future destiny of humanity – access to our soul power, as who we are, is already given. When we know that we are complete, and that even when we thought we were incomplete we were complete, then we resonate at the frequency of transcendence and our Kundalini Shakti – which makes the impossible possible – can spontaneously awaken.

He taught me how even as an adult, in situations of great stress, I could switch off the lower animal brains (hind-brain, limbic, and neo-cortical) by listening to the cosmic AUM and begin to hear the whisperings of my soul, and the universe, through the sensations of the body and heart. When our inner voices are silent, when we need and want nothing, then who we are as the “witness” who simply loves, and knows, comes to the fore. Then everything changes. Then life, as we were born to live it, as eternal spirits manifesting on the physical plane to lift and transform all life from the predator-prey relationship to the dynamic of divine bliss, and harmony, unfolds.

It is a sacred moment in Earth-time. Many challenges lay ahead of us. And yet, now, more than ever before, the bulk of humanity is becoming aware that there is more to life and self-expression than the lie we’ve been sold that all we are is our physical bodies. We are witnessing the dawn of the Soul Age, the Age of Spirit – and the unfolding of the true meaning of the Age of Energy. We already are everything that we need – limitless, irrepressible,  eternally young, playful beings of spirit. And our children, more than anyone, are our teachers.

We, through our culture and our schools, are often taking our children’s inborn diamonds and pearls, and giving them sand and coal on the mistaken presumption that these are far more useful. As deep an obligation as any that we have to provide for our child’s physical and emotional development needs is the obligation, as a transcendent human, to provide the fertile ground for the full expression of their latent souls. They already have everything they need to do it – their belief in magic and wonder, and in the beneficence and benevolence of life. Let them show us how to release our fears, and follow their lead in the play of life. It’s a game which, when we embrace it with the full trust and faith in each soul’s perfection and immortality, provides the meaning in life we’ve all been longing for.

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