Kindred Welcomes Four New International Editorial Advisory Board Members

Kindred is pleased to announce the addition of four members to its International Editorial Advisory Board.  Joining Kindred this fall is Darcia Narvaez, PhD; John Breeding, PhD; Marti Glenn, PhD; and Miriam Mason Martineau.

“Kindred is deeply honored to feature the pioneering work of Darcia, John, Marti and Miriam on our nonprofit alternative media outlets,” said Lisa Reagan, Kindred’s executive editor.

“If you are looking for readings and videos to spark your imagination and open your heart, Kindred has what you need. Kindred is one of the best sources for holistic parenting that is aimed at child wellbeing. I am honoured to be part of the team,” said Narvaez.

darcia_narvaezEach of these new advisory board members represents a unique and needed field of inquiry into the interconnected issues of the conscious parenting movement.  As a neurobiologist and researcher at the University of Notre Dame, Narvaez’s academic and featured articles bring the science of child development to explosive issues like babies “crying-it-out” and the damage from culturally biased and unscientifically founded modern parenting traditions.

john_breeding-page1921Breeding has brought a passionate advocacy for children and youth to the conscious parenting movement for nearly twenty years.  His 21st Century Parenting Manifesto was one of the first documents to officially seek to recognize the core tenets of the emerging parenting movement. You can join Dr. Breeding on a virtual retreat with the Parenting As A Hero’s Journey initiative here.

marti_glennGlenn has pioneered the field of birth psychology for more than two decades.  Her grounding-breaking work founding the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, whose focus on birth psychology helped to open the paths to research and applied insights. You can watch Glenn share an overview of birth psychology and her advocacy history in Kindred New Story video series here.

Martineau is a pioneer in the emerging field of integral parenting, with her work featured on the Huffington Post and now Kindred. Learn more about the holistic insights of integral parenting and look for more from Martineau’s forthcoming book, Parenting As A Spiritual Practice.  You can also listen to a Kindred Fireside Chat with Martineau here.

Kindred is grateful to each of these advisors for the rich history and ground-breaking insights they bring to the New Story of Childhood, Parenthood and the Human Family.  Sign up for Kindred’s e-newsletter for updates from these new advisory board members as well as Kindred’s 200+ international contributors.

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