Transgenerational Trauma And Cross-Cultural Insights

SUPPORT THIS PROJECT WITH YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION. The Parent Liberation Alliance is the American nonprofit initiative that partners with international NGOs and organizations to facilitate the Parent Liberation Project, founded by Teresa Graham Brett, JD, author of Parenting for Social Change.

In this video, David Metler, a contributing editor for Kindred Media, talks with Teresa Graham Brett of the Parent Liberation Alliance and Dieudonne Allo of Global Leading Light Initiatives. Dieudonne shares his story of growing up in Africa and then questioning, as an adult, trauma’s effect on himself, his community and the young people he worked with as a professional. Teresa shares her story of becoming a social justice attorney and then realizing when she became a mother, how the roots of the dominator culture were transmitted to children – through parents. (Listen to Teresa talk about this insight in a Kindred interview here.)

Allo and Teresa explore the known Transgenerational Trauma in American and African cultures, while sharing their stories of bringing education and healing to families through their nonprofit collaborative projects. These stories are touching, hopeful, and point to a human family path toward wellness – one that may one day break the patter of Transgenerational Trauma for good.

Read Kindred’s interview between Teresa and Allo, with David Metler’s video of his visit to South Africa:

Visit Allo at Global Leading Light Initiatives and Teresa at the Parent Liberation Alliance. Please click on the graphic on the right to support their international nonprofit collaboration.

Teresa is also the author of Parenting for Social Change and a board of directors member of Kindred World. Find her work at and Kindred Media.

David Metler is a contributing editor for Kindred Media and also a board of directors member for Kindred World.

Kindred Media is an alternative media outlet and nonprofit initiative of Kindred World, “Sharing the New Story of Childhood, Parenthood, and the Human Family.”

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