Letter From The Editor: What We Did This Summer

Photos by Lisa Reagan

Dear Kindred,

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What did we do here at Kindred this summer? As Stephanie Mines encourages us to do in her video presentation to the Kindred Fellowship Program below, we sought to “live into the mystery” between inner and outer climate change, moving forward with our commitment to make a difference and inspire as we are able. Our allies are many, Stephanie notes, as “those living systems want to communicate with us to give us what data cannot record. To give us the capacity to make the changes that need to be made and to inspire others to make those changes.”

The Kindred Fellowship Program, created over a year during quarantine with a dedicated team of facilitators, including Reshma Grewal, our returning and seasoned fellow, and now junior board member, and David Metler, our fearless social justice education editor. Below you will find the showcase presentations of our fellows, who spent the summer meeting with an international line-up of presenters to explore the systemic roots of social (in)justice in childhood through kindred activism: a theory of activism centering childhood in activism that is authentic, reflexive and relational. This “life-changing” pilot program, as one fellow says, is our attempt to support the next generation of changemakers, while passing on Kindred’s quarter century of archival wisdom. Please enjoy the videos below from David, who gives us an overview of What We Did This Summer, and marvel at the fellows’ showcase.

Please join us tonight for a LIVE discussion with Darcia Narvaez, PhD, on the Breaking the Cycle short film, and THANK YOU for helping us to break 10,000 views this month!

We are here, and carrying on our mission to explore and share a New Story of Childhood, Parenthood, and the Human Family. Please let us know how we can better serve you and your community, and please support our nonprofit work with your tax-deductible donation. You can read our Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency report and our Great Nonprofit reviews here for inspiration to give!

And lastly, my deepest gratitude to the visitors of our family’s 4×8 pollinator patch, outside of a first floor window, who fed us soul food this summer, freely, and helped to make Kindred and all of its initiatives possible. The photo above is a Snowberry Clearwing Month on a native Skullcap Hyssop. You are welcome to view more of this summer’s helpers in the gallery on this editoral’s page here.
Enjoy your Kindred newsletter issue below,

Lisa Reagan


Kindred Media, Editor

Kindred World, Co-Founder

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