Kindred Activism

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What is Kindred Activism?

Kindred Activism is activism that is rooted, connected, and imaginative.

Kindred Activism is a concept that is being explored and refined by the participants in the Kindred Fellowship Program, an initiative of Kindred World and a sister initiative of Kindred Media. The KFP pilot project launched in 2021 to wide acclaim and celebration from both college students and thought-leaders. The program introduces a new generation to Kindred World’s quarter century of insights into Creating Sustainable Humans and a Wellness-Informed Society. Fellows work with staff and presenters to explore and refine Kindred Activism, a sustainable strategy for change-making that centers childhood in social justice education while equipping advocates with inner (mindfulness) and external (relational) skills.

Visit the Kindred Fellowship Program website.

Please download and share the Kindred Activism poster below.

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