Kindred Activism

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What is Kindred Activism?

Kindred Activism is activism that is rooted, connected, and imaginative.

Kindred Activism is a concept originally explored and refined by the participants in the Kindred Fellowship Program, an initiative of Kindred World and a sister initiative of Kindred Media. The KFP pilot project launched in 2021. The program introduces a new generation to Kindred World’s quarter century of insights into worldview literacy, regenerative wisdom, and our evolutionary pathway to wellbeing, our Evolved Nest, as paths to cultural transformation. Kindred Activism goes upstream to address social and cultural issues by centering childhood in cultural transformation work while equipping advocates with worldview literacy. 

The opposite of Kindred Activism is Hamster Wheel Activism, which is a more traditional approach to taking action without realizing our need for decolonizing ourselves, shifting our worldview, and acting to restore our human baselines for wellbeing, our Evolved Nest.

You can also learn more about Kindred Activism in the Meet the Wayfinders Oral History Series here. 



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