Kindred World Announces Inaugural Cohort Of The 2021 Kindred Fellowship Program

(May 15, 2021) – Kindred World is proud to announce the Kindred Fellowship Program’s Inaugural Cohort for 2021.

Kindred Fellowship is a new Kindred World initiative whose unique mission is to guide students on an innovative educational journey that explores the systemic roots of social (in)justice in childhood through kindred activisma theory of activism centering childhood in activism that is authentic, relational, and imaginative. The program has been featured on the Centers for Partnership Studies Leadership blog, the Rutger’s University’s Childism Institute blog, and in an ongoing series on Kindred Media.

“A hearty welcome to the inaugural Kindred Fellows! We are excited to encourage their creativity, guide their leadership growth, and support their efforts to bring us closer to a culture of connected, cooperative companionship!” said Darcia Narvaez, PhD, Kindred World’s president.

The program, its concepts, and curriculum were developed over a year – during quarantine – by a dedicated team. “I am thrilled to co-facilitate this adventure with our amazing fellows to explore the promise of activism that is authentic, relational, and imaginative. Buckle UP it is going to be a fun journey!” said David Metler, KFP Team member. “This program is a living, creative process designed to support each of the fellows in a lifelong, sustainable pursuit of kindred activism,” said Reshma Grewal, KFP Team member. “We are excited to welcome this year’s fellows!”

The Kindred Fellowship Program will guide fellows across “The Ecology of the Child” connecting inner and outer activism instructed by Kindred thought-leaders from across the world. We are overjoyed to have an all-star lineup of instructors for our 2021 KFP program including: Dieudonne Allo (South Africa), Robin Grille (Australia), Teresa Graham Brett, JD, (Arizona), Pam Leo (Maine), Stephanie Mines, PhD, (Oregon), and Darcia Narvaez, PhD (Indiana).  With the mentorship of Kindred’s network of thought-leaders, Kindred fellows will be prepared and supported to launch their own innovative community action ideas and begin a life-long journey of maximizing their impact on social justice. 

The 2021 Kindred Fellowship Program begins June 15th and ends July 31st. Please save the date for the Kindred Fellowship Showcase on July 27, from 6 to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Our Kindred Fellows will be sharing their insights from the KFP experience and their plan-of-action for community engagement integrating Kindred Activism. All are welcome to attend and support our fellows on their next steps.

The 2021 Kindred Fellowship Program Inaugural Cohort welcomes:


  My name is Kendall Lobdell and I am a junior at UW-Madison studying psychology and Spanish with a certificate in education and education services. I hope to become a school psychologist and a fun fact about me is that I am left handed. I’m most excited to learn about the idea of kindred activism, it is something I had never heard about before applying to this program and I cannot wait to learn more! 


Hi! My name is Kambria and I am going into my second year undergraduate at UW-Madison. I am a double major in history and political science. In my free time I love to read, swim and hike. This summer I am launching a project to put Little Free Libraries in my community to encourage the youth of Madison to read. I am most looking forward to meeting people through Kindred with similar interests and goals.


Currently, Jenna is working with preschoolers while earning her Graduate degree in Transformative Leadership at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is learning from indigenous wisdom and using systems approaches to explore early childhood intervention as a form of transgenerational trauma prevention, restorative justice, and energetic healing. 

A lover of writing, traveling, and the sound of children’s laughter, Jenna is thrilled to be a part of the Kindred Fellowship Program. With all her heart, Jenna believes that nurturing, protecting and learning from children’s innate connection to higher consciousness is what will catapult us into the Revolution we are meant to have.

As a child, Jenna wanted to be a Pediatrician and a Princess, and the same still somewhat applies today. 

For a quarter century, Kindred World thought-leaders have been exploring the connections among human consciousness, human and nonhuman kin, and ecological systems. As awareness of “One Family, One World” expands, humanity connects more authentically with ourselves, our family, and our world, but also with our capacity to achieve lasting social justice. Kindred’s new connected story of human kinship is bringing forth the possibility for a new story of activism.

Visit the Kindred Fellowship Program to learn more about our unique social justice education fellowship.

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