Parenting For Social Change: A Video With Teresa Graham Brett, JD

Teresa Graham Brett, JD, author of Parenting for Social Change, presents her personal story of discovering the roots of oppression in childhood as a mother of two young boys. Teresa presented her story for the Kindred Fellowship Program’s Summer 2021 Cohort, a nonprofit initiative of Kindred World exploring the centering of childhood in social justice education.

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Read more about childism and the work of KFP on Kindred.

KFP’s mission is to guide college students on an innovative, educational journey that explores the systemic roots of social (in)justice in childhood through kindred activism: a theory of activism centering childhood in activism that is authentic, reflexive and relational. 

During the program, fellows are led by experienced instructors to explore the promise of kindred activism and its practical application to community engagement. With the mentorship of Kindred’s network of thought-leaders, Kindred fellows will be prepared and supported to launch their own innovative community action ideas and begin a life-long journey of maximizing their impact on social justice. The program and its exploration of centering childhood in social justice education has been featured on the Centers for Partnership Studies Leadership blog, the Rutger’s University’s Childism Institute blog, and Kindred Media. An ongoing Centering Childhood in Social Justice Education Series can be found on Kindred here. 

For a quarter century, Kindred World thought-leaders have been exploring the connections among human consciousness, human and nonhuman kin, and ecological systems. As awareness of “One Family, One World” expands, humanity connects more authentically with ourselves, our family, and our world, but also with our capacity to achieve lasting social justice. Kindred’s new connected story of human kinship is bringing forth the possibility for a new story of activism. 

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