Pam Leo On Family Literacy As Social Justice, And Her New Book!


Listen to Pam Leo, author of the beloved book, Connection Parenting, share how family literacy is both connection parenting AND a social justice issue. The Book Fairy Pantry Project was awarded a Stephen and Tabitha King grant for $25,000 this month to distribute Pam Leo’s new book, Please Read To Me, to Maine families. In this interview, Pam shares the creation of the book, which included bringing together seven Maine illustrators.

Please support Pam Leo’s family literacy activism with the Book Fairy Pantry Project.

Pam also shares her brand of “community aRtivism” in putting the surplus of books in our communities together with the families who have few or none. As Pam explains, literacy is a social justice issue because your level of literacy in childhood determines your survival and thrive capacity as an adult.

BONUS: If you listen to the end, you will hear Pam read her poem, Please Read To Me, in the new book to us!

Check out the Book Fairy Pantry Project’s materials and guidance for starting your own local BFPP here:

The Book Fairy Pantry Project is a sister-initiative of Kindred Media through the award-winning nonprofit, Kindred World. Please Read To Me is proudly published through Kindred World Publishing House.


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