Please Read To Me – A New Poem By Pam Leo

Please Read To Me

Connection Parenting Cover

A child’s plea for love and literacy

By Pam Leo

Read to me, please read to me
Right from the very start.
Just as good food grows my body,
Good stories grow my brain and heart.

Read stories to me in my bed,
And in the rocking chair,
In the garden, in the bathroom,
Please read to me everywhere.

Please read me a wake up story,
A breakfast story, a story with my snack,
Another story with my lunch, 
And two before my nap.

Please give me picture books to look at
When we’re driving in the car,
And audio-books to listen to
As we travel near and far.

Connection Parenting Audio Book CoverPlease take me to the library.
They have books to read for free.
We can take home lots of them,
Some for you and some for me.

Read me stories in the kitchen,
And stories in the bath.
Please read me this same one again,
It always makes us laugh.

A story is a special treat,
Always a delight.
Reading keeps us connected,
Morning, noon, and night.

Every time you read to me
Our bond grows a little stronger.
Your reading feels like love to me,
And I always want it longer.

Read to me? Please?

Copyright Pam Leo July 2016
All Rights Reserved.  You must contact Kindred Media to ask for permission from the author to re-post this poem.

Visit the Book Fairy Pantry Project for more literacy statistics and guidance on how to get your own community literacy activism going at

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  1. Wendy S. Towle says

    This amazing woman is back and exploding with incredible ideas to teach and nurture the love of literacy to all children and to help make it possible for every parent to have the resources to continue that journey. Welcome back, my friend! We love you!!

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