Birthing While Black: An Interview With Midwife Jennie Joseph

Birthing While Black – An Interview With Jennie Joseph, Midwife And Doula

Please join Denise Bolds – Bold Doula – and her special guest Jennie Joseph, Executive Director at Commonsense Childbirth, a 501(c)(3) as our discussion of birthing while black continues. Jennie is a midwife and initiator of the National Perinatal Task Force. Denise Bolds, a certified birth doula in New York and MSW is the producer and host of Black Motherhood Empowerment.  Denise is also a National Perinatal Task Force Ambassador.

Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM – Executive Director, Clinical Director, Master Midwife, Founder of The JJ Way®

Jennie believes in women! Her personal mission is to be the NEW approach to women’s wellness by providing inspiration, education, empowerment and support as a means to optimal health and by ensuring that all women have healthcare answers that they can understand. Jennie’s work  reflects her years of experience in the field of midwifery, maternal child health, social justice and public health spanning two continents and three decades.

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Denise Bolds can be reached on Blog Talk Radio – Follow Black Mother Empowerment. She is also on Facebook as Bold Doula and at:


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