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Centering Childhood In Social Justice, An Interview With Tanu Biswas: Part Two

Listen to the interview with Tanu Biswas.

Centering Childhood In Activism

An Interview with Dr. Tanu Biswas: Part 2 of the Series

Kindred’s series on Centering Childhood in Activism continues this month with an interview with Tanu Biswas. This series marks the beginning of a new dialogue at Kindred around the promise of centering childhood in social justice education for the next generation of changemakers. Kindred is launching the Kindred Fellowship Program (see below) this summer to continue to explore this promise as we collectively imagine a world transformed from social justice beginning with childhood.  

Support the Kindred Fellowship Program and the creation of future change-makers, trance-breakers, and new-cycle makers. Learn more about the program here:

Dr. Tanu Biswas is a Post-Doctoral Researcher, under the Junior Professorship of Political Philosophy at the Faculty of Cultural Studies -University of Bayreuth, and an advisor for University of Rutger’s Childism Institute. Dave Metler, Kindred’s Social Justice Editor, and Lisa Reagan, Kindred’s Editor, talk with Tanu about the roots of oppression in childhood, how they relate to social justice issues.

Listen to part one of the series with John Wall, director of the Childism Institute, here.

See the term childism, and learn about its origins, in Kindred’s New Story Glossary here.
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