An Enthusiastic, Soon-To-Be Dad Asks Dr. Darcia About The Evolved Nest

About the podcast

Watch the new short film and find more resources for sharing the Evolved Nest.

What if you had the chance to ask Darcia Narvaez, PhD, about our millions-year-old neurobiological plan for your baby’s health before they were born? In this podcast, Brendon Marotta earnestly and intentionally explores the Evolved Nest’s award-winning science with Darcia Narvaez, PhD. His love for his unborn child leads the way in fearlessly exploring the baby’s needs and how to meet them in a culture that does not support nurturing, or parents, or babies, or families.

We love this podcast and highly recommend it to anyone who is just learning about the Evolved Nest. Get comfortable and enjoy this fantastic interview – and the jaw-dropping science – behind humanity’s Evolved Nest.

Learn more about the Evolved Nest in the new short film, Breaking the Cycle.

Read about the Evolved Nest from Darcia on Kindred.

Visit the Evolved Nest’s website to learn more about the science.

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