Pam Leo Reads Her New Book: Please Read To Me

Listen below to Pam Leo, Connection Parenting author and Book Fairy Pantry Project founder, read her new book to Kindred Fellows during this past summer’s program.

Pam Leo, founder of the Book Fairy Pantry Project, joined the Kindred fellows and staff in summer 2021 to talk about her brand of Kindred Activism: Community ARtivism. Pam shared her insights into working tirelessly in her community for over three decades as a bonding and literacy advocate in prisons, parenting classes, and through family literacy projects. Pam is also the author of the classic conscious parenting book, Connection Parenting, which celebrated its 15 anniversary in 2021.

In this video, Pam reads her new book, Please Read To Me, to the fellows and staff. (We curled up with our jammies and blankets for this nourishing treat!)

Please Read To Me received a grant from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation in 2021 to print 12,000 for every baby born in Maine this year. The board books are published by Kindred World Publishing House and will be available to the public in 2022 as a children’s book.

You can learn more about Pam’s family literacy work at and here on Kindred.

You can learn more about Connection Parenting at, and here on Kindred.

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