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The word bonding has always been misleading. The real challenge is penetrating through the false perception that we are separate entities-objects that need to be artificially glued together. What we call bonding is a state in which this false perception of separation is dissolved, for a moment or a lifetime, with our children, with nature, with a kite, a kitten, surfboard, mother, husband, neighbor, or presumed enemy. Optimum states of relationship, Flow, The Zone, Original Play, Enlightenment are all “bonded” states.  Life is one, unitary, whole movement.The mother and her unborn baby share the meaning of every sensation, of every hormone, every emotion, every environmental encounter, every thought. And were it not for a gross distortion in perception and consciousness we and our children would continue to share this meaning with the entire universe as we unfold and embrace ever expanding states of relationship.  We are not separate individuals. We live in a uni-verse, one song, not two of ten billion. The child is born into the bonded state, and would remain there if it were not for the false fears that we adult’s impose, with the best of intention, on ourselves and them. Imagine a bonded baby encountering and being mentored by a truly bonded adult/environment. This is what nature expects and has invested billions of years to achieve.

By Michael Mendizza, author of Magical Parent, Magical Child and co-founder of Touch the Future.

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