Wild Thang, You Make My Phone Ring! Support Biological Diversity on Valentine’s Day

Listen to and Watch Calls of the Wild

Support the Center for Biodiversity and All Wild Things This Valentines Day


What better way to declare your love for the wild than with a free endangered species ringtone?
This Valentine’s Day, the Center for Biological Diversity offers 25 specially selected cell phone ringtones that include mating and other social calls along with along with hoots, chirps, growls and trills from animals across the planet.
View and download Love Calls of the Wild for free.
These ringtones are a special edition of RareEarthtones.com — part of our always-available collection of high-quality, authentic sounds and images of some of the world’s most threatened species (the full list of which is also accessible on our Love Calls page). Our ringtones have been downloaded about 620,000 times by people in nearly 180 countries around the globe.
Love Calls of the Wild includes some of our most often downloaded “Rare Earthtones” ringtones — social calls made by animals like the orca, Mexican gray wolf and humpback whale. For the especially amorous, we’re also offering a list of “lovebird” ringtones: birds calls for bonding or finding a mate, and even several ringtones of two birds singing in duet. (How romantic!)
Make a statement with your cell phone and download free endangered species ringtones now.

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