The Attachment Pregnancy – An Excerpt From The New Book

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Download and enjoy a discussion with the authors of The Attachment Pregnancy with Lisa Reagan, Kindred’s editor.  Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters are pioneers in the emerging field of epigenetics and attachment science.  Their grounded insights, based on their many years of working with parents and children as childbirth professionals.  Studies have shown that parents have more influence over their child, both emotionally and physically, during pregnancy and the first years after birth than at any other point in life. With their new book, The Attachment Pregnancy, and The Greatest Pregnancy Ever,  you will learn how to use this important time to form a deeper connection and introduce your child to a loving environment–even before birth.

The Attachment Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide to Bonding with Your Baby


The Attachment Pregnancy

At no other time during life can a mother and her baby possibly be more connected than during pregnancy. During this period of primal attachment, you and your child are physically connected by the umbilical cord and the placenta, and you are also emotionally connected as a result of the molecular messages being exchanged along this pathway. But how can you use this connection to form an even closer bond to your unborn baby? How can you ensure that this closeness you and your baby share will continue after the baby is born? Attachment pregnancy gives you the tools you need to forge a bond with your baby that can never be broken.

Babies are conscious and aware in utero, and their experience in the womb forms the foundation for the rest of their life. You are not just a vessel carrying a baby. You are your child’s world; the environment that you provide for your baby with your body, thoughts, and feelings determines how he or she will develop. This extraordinary period of development creates something called the motherbaby bond, where every thought, emotion, and feeling that you experience is shared and incorporated into the development of your baby. In fact, at no other time in your child’s life does the

motherbaby bond have the power to influence who your child will be, both emotionally and physically, than during pregnancy and the first years of his or her life. Fortunately, the advice, activities, and information found within The Attachment Pregnancy will help you connect with your baby during each trimester, creating a deeper intimacy, awareness, and profound attachment between the two of you.

Throughout the book, the unique and groundbreaking concepts found in each part focus on one developmental period and essential concept of attachment pregnancy that will help you build and then strengthen the motherbaby bond. This BOND is formed by:

Be-ing, which focuses in on the beginning of your journey toward motherhood and attachment

Observing, which focuses on the first trimester where you need to learn to become mindful and observant of yourself and your baby

Nourishing, which focuses on the second trimester where you need to learn to love, nourish, and care for yourself, your baby, and your relationships

Deciding, which focuses on the third trimester and beyond and helps you think about and prepare for giving birth and life with your new baby

Together these concepts are designed to help you truly experience an attachment pregnancy. If you are thinking about conceiving a child or trying to conceive, now is the time to do the personal work that will enable you to embrace your pregnancy, attach to your baby, and prepare for parenthood. You have a unique opportunity here and now to become the parent you want to be. And if you are already pregnant, you can use the advice found throughout to transform your life and the life of your baby through Conscious Attachment and Agreement, to set your intentions for your pregnancy and parenting to design a life that will support a healthy bond between you and your baby, and to create a secure attachment between you and your baby from the very beginning.

Attachment pregnancy starts on an emotional level the moment you become mindful of your baby as a person; as an expectant mother, you have the ability to decide what you want your pregnancy to look like and even more important, what you want your experience to feel like. What you expect becomes what you think about. What you think about becomes what you experience. What you experience becomes a reality for you and your newborn. You and your baby should experience the love and connection that attachment pregnancy offers, so start to make the changes that are right for your family from this moment forward. Enjoy the journey!


Excerpted from Excerpted from The Attachment Pregnancy Copyright © 2013 by Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters and published by F+W Media, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. “>The Attachment Pregnancy. Copyright © 2013 by Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters and published by F+W Media, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. 

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