Bio-Cultural Conflict

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The Bio-Cultural Conflict is the core issue addressed and redressed by scientists, researchers, public policy makers, professionals, practitioners and parent activists of the Conscious Parenting Movement over the past forty years. The Bio-Cultural Conflict was defined by the grandfather of the Conscious Parenting Movement, Joseph Chilton Pearce, whose lifetime of seminal works pointed to the impossible chasm between our biological imperatives and our cultural imperatives. New parents especially find themselves trapped in this conflict with very few social net resources in America, who ranks at the bottom of all developed countries for maternal and infant health, paid parental leave, work place support for breastfeeding, and childcare.

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“Bio-culture refers to a relatively new field called Cultural Biology. The brain is constantly, moment by moment adapting to the environment. For most of life on the planet, the environment was nature. In the past few hundred years, the natural environment has been replaced by artifacts of human culture. Now the brain (and everything it affects) is adapting itself to culture. The brain created culture which is now cycling back and creating the brain. This reciprocal dynamic is what is meant by Bio-Culture. Obviously there is an implied conflict between the billions of years of nature being the primary stimulus for brain development, with its genetic history and memory and the extremely new affect that culture is having on the system. This is the Bio-Cultural Conflict.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce’s book, The Biology of Transcendence is an exploration of the Bio-Cultural Conflict

By Michael Mendizza, co-founder of Touch the Future and author of Magical Parent, Magical Child. Purchase Michael’s book here.

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