Why Love Is A Greater Power Than Justice: Transformative Leadership Insights

Dieudonne Allo, founder and CEO of Global Leading Lighty Inititiaves, is a longtime collaborator and advisor for Kindred World, the parent nonprofit of the Kindred Fellowship Program. Allo has participated in the founding of the Parent Liberation Alliance, in deep dialogue about transgenerational trauma and cultural diversity, and now as a presenter for the 2021 KFP Cohort. 

In this presentation, Allo shares the story of his childhood struggles in Cameroon, transformation as a cultural activist for children, adults, and families in South Africa, and the skills he developed within himself, his “new consciousness”, that helped him to change his mantra from justice to “I’m doing what I’m doing for love.” 

The Kindred Fellowship Program will be accepting application in spring 2022. Check out the website for more information!

“The way I relate to my work, the way I relate to activism, has shifted. It is more about what I am feeling within me. Because it is that which I feel within myself that translates to any activity that I do, to any action, and I see beauty in that… I exert less effort that I was before, when things were not going well. I feel it is the alignment to say, when you open your hands and say, ‘I want to serve,’ and you add in some love, you add in some compassion, something bigger than ourselves takes over. And if the motive is to really change the world, then we have to step back. We have to keep ourselves away from it, and really be open to love, because love for me is a greater power than justice.

“Justice will come eventually when we put in love, because it is important to have equity in the world, with some people only suffer and some people get everything. But if we all become empowered, if we all raise our consciousness, then I think everyone else is going to be happy in the world, when there is more love and compassion.”

The KFP pilot project launched in 2021 to wide acclaim and celebration from both college students and thought-leaders. The program introduces a new generation to Kindred World’s quarter century of insights into Creating Sustainable Humans and a Wellness-Informed Society. Fellows work with staff and presenters to explore and refine Kindred Activism, a sustainable strategy for change-making that centers childhood in social justice education while equipping advocates with inner (mindfulness) and external (relational) skills.

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About Allo

Dieudonne Anumbosi Allo from the Eastern Cape in South Africa is the Founder and CEO of the Global Leading Light Initiatives, a registered non-profit organization formed in 2014 on a strong conviction that collective prosperity can be achieved in Africa and globally through coordinated grassroots initiatives aimed at creating nurturing and enabling environments for children and youths. The GLLI’s initiatives directly involve children, adolescents and parents in the effort to disrupt the cycle of poverty and reduce inequalities both in South Africa and Bostwana. A former school teacher, Dieudonne graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences and Social Services at the University of South Africa in 2014 and an Advanced Diploma in Health Care Management from the Yale School of Public Health/Foundation for Professional Development in 2011, among other academic credentials, professional certifications and training programs.

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