Kindred Partners With The Alliance For Parent Education In Africa

Kindred Parent Liberation Alliance is proud to announce an international exchange and partnership with the Alliance for Parent Education in Africa.  The alliance and its educational programs are based on the Kindred Parent Liberation Project, created by social justice and conscious parenting advocate, Teresa Graham  Brett, JD.  Read APEA’s full story here.


Teresa is the author of Parenting for Social Change, editor and contributing writer to Kindred and a board of director’s member of Kindred’s parent nonprofit, Families for Conscious Living.  She co-sponsored  the Tucson, Arizona workshop  on the Parenting for a Peaceful World Tour in 2013 and presented at the Re-Thinking Everything Conference in 2014.

Teresa Graham Brett, JD
Teresa Graham Brett, JD

“As editor of Kindred and founder of Parenting for Social Change, one of the most powerful parts of my work is meeting new people from all over the world, ” said Teresa. ” I listen to their stories, learn their passions, get a glimpse of their hearts. Sometimes people are slow to share this information and sometimes they open like a river – and before you know it I am traveling downstream with them, completely connected and on a journey together.

“My dear friend, Allo, is the latter. We connected across our mutual belief that when we transform our story of parenting, liberating ourselves from old stories of the way things must be, we can create positive change in the world. That connection led to a crazy, big dream. Millions of grassroots efforts, across Africa, but even more than that, across the world. Parents circling together to write a new story, a story of parenting and family that rejects control, separation and domination. We write a new story for ourselves, our children, our communities and our world.

It is a dream Allo and I both embrace and fully believe in. That dream led us to creating a partnership, a partnership across, continents, nations, and cultures. It is this amazing partnership that I want to share with you. Kindred has formally partnered with APEA, the Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa to launch parent education programs, parent study circles that harnesses all of our experiences, aspirations, and beliefs to create the world that connects the well-being of every child, every family, and every nation to each other. As individuals and a society we can create a base of love, wholeness, authenticity, and integrity that is the foundation for just and empowering relationships. And, as we are each reflections of the world, the world is changed by our commitment to wholeness, liberation, and freedom.

Dieudonne A. Allo

“On behalf of Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa, we like to express our sincere gratitude to Kindred for partnering with us,” said Dieudonne A. Allo, co-founder APEA. “We consider this partnership a great alliance for reaffirming the humanity of African children. As budding organisation subscribing to your mission we rely highly on your support to achieve our goals. I laud the efforts Teresa Brett, (co-founder of APEA) and Lisa Reagan (Executive Director of Kindred) have made so far in supporting the cause of APEA. With your continuous support, APEA is assured of growing from strength to strength and achieving its ultimate goals.”

Read the full story of the creation and alliance with APEA here.  Find out more about the Kindred Parent Liberation Project here.  You will find links to support both programs with your tax-deductible donations on their pages.  Kindred does offer scholarships for parents and will use your gift to fund facilitators and participants in the program.

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