The Parent Liberation Project: Based on Parenting for Social Change by Teresa Graham Brett

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Teresa Graham Brett
Teresa Graham Brett


If you’ve found your way to this page, and you have, you most likely are a parent who has a lot of questions.

Questions about parenthood and parenting, sure. But more than that, right?

You, like me, are probably a parent who has bigger questions – and hunches that there is more to the Old Story of traditional parenting than you’ve been told.

And you’d be right. There is.

What we know about traditional, domination and control-based parenting is that it does not produce empowered and loving, or happy, human beings.

That hunch that you have – that there is more to experience in parenting and to provide for your children – is right. There is more.

We are living in an exciting time when a New Story of Childhood, Parenthood and the Human Family is not only emerging within us (remember that hunch?) but all around us as families worldwide are waking up and claiming authorship/authority of their lives inside a New Story of compassion, self-regulation (aka, mindfulness) and empowerment.

How did I stumble onto the realization that there was an Old and New Story for myself? How did I recognize as a social justice advocate the connections between peaceful parenting and a peaceful world? You can read my story in my book, Parenting for Social Change to find out!

What happened after I wrote my story, I began to research how we as individuals need and use a story of “who we are” to help us define “how” we are in the world and with each other.

What if we decided we wanted to change our story, I thought? What if we decided that the Old Story of control and separation wasn’t going to work for us – and that nagging hunch was never going to go away until we took some time to explore the possibility of “something else”…

And here we are!

Congratulations for following your intuition. This is a good first step, trusting ourselves. As Charles Eisenstein says, “We are the New Story!” But I get ahead of myself…

After writing my first book on how parenting is intrinsically connected to social change, I realized that parents want tools that we could use in our daily lives, tools that would allow us to recognized the storyline we carry in ourselves, placed there by our parents, culture and social messages.

At the same time, I found it was important that we also understand the root causes of some of the challenges that kept coming up for us – these persistent and deeply embedded beliefs that we are rarely conscious of while folding laundry and changing diapers.

In exploring my own vast and surprising story, I created the Parent Liberation Project. Here are some signs that you are operating from an Old Story, your own or a cultural story, that doesn’t serve you or that hunch telling you something else is possible.

Do you feel:

New Mother Help– You are frustrated and want to create change in your relationships with children, but the change doesn’t seem to be happening or happening fast enough.

– You want to understand why the same things keep coming up for you as a parent.

– You feel stuck in the same patterns in your relationships with children. For example, you can’t understand why you keep getting angry, even when you so want to be a peaceful, respectful parent.

– You know there is a better way, but aren’t sure how to shift gears.

The good news?

You’re not alone. There is a reason why the same stuff comes up for you. You can create change and get unstuck. There are tools for you to create a better way. It is possible to have an equal, respectful, connected, honest, deeply loving relationship with your children… the New Story is real and it is here to stay. Take some time to read more from researchers, activists, parents and professional on this site if you don’t believe me.

The Parent Liberation Project is designed for you as we move as individuals, families and communities toward a more peaceful and just world. Join me in our specially designed and empowering program:

What is in the Parent Liberation program?

There are five parts of the program:

1. Introduce the foundation of how we got to where we are now
2. Create YOUR new vision of childhood
3. Dive into the deeper knowing of ourselves and our experiences
4. Recalibrate towards empathy, acceptance, and connection
5. Increase spaciousness and love in the here and now

1. Introduce the foundation of how we got to where we are now

You’ll unearth how we learn.

For example, the learning spiral and transformative learning and the socialization process.

You learn about a framework for understanding the unconscious beliefs and values that cause conflict in our relationships with children.

All of our experiences as children and then into adulthood result in the creation of unconscious beliefs and attitudes. These ultimately influence our actions as parents.

We then set the stage for re-envisioning the adult-child relationship.


2. Create YOUR new vision of childhood

You’ll assess the state of your current relationships with children – in general and in specific ways.

We bring to consciousness the underlying beliefs and attitudes that create disconnection and conflict in your relationships with children. We look at the fears and beliefs that are triggered when you are in conflict.

Then you review what is working and what isn’t working in those beliefs. From there, you create and experiment with new beliefs and values.


3. Dive into the deeper knowing of ourselves and our experiences

This part is all about triggers. Increasing awareness of our patterns of triggers and beginning to explore why and how we’re triggered so that we can disable the triggers.

You explore the impact of the cultural messages and our childhood experiences.

We unearth the hidden ways that fear is embedded in the ways we get triggered.

And we bring those out into the open and minimize their power over us.


4. Recalibrate towards empathy, acceptance, and connection

shutterstock_215449006Control is at the root of the message we learn about parents and parenting in our culture.
We explore control: the research, the impact of control in childhood (including your own), the cycle of control, and how we create externally motivated human beings through the use of control. (that means you and me and the children in our lives)

We also learn more about the impact of disempowerment in childhood and how we can be allies in empowering ourselves, each other, and our children.


5. Increase spaciousness and love in the here and now

We face our ghosts from the past and fears of the future.
Through the use of simple mindfulness tools we practice spending more time in the here and now.

We look at the research on mindfulness and how being present to the moment puts on a trajectory towards success and connection.

How it all plays out!

  • 15 informative e-mails sent over 30 days with support, ideas, homework, and tools.
  • All emails are designed to help you understand why you get triggered, why you get stuck, how you can get unstuck and keep learning from the experiences you have in your life.
  • 69 page PDF download of all the e-mails in one workbook for consistent use.
  • We call this is the Guide to Liberation Parenting, and is yours to use forever and always.
  • 5 motivating recorded talks that are each approximately 20-30 minutes long.

These inspiring talks are available for download or streaming – so you get to choose what works best for you!

Powerpoint presentations that go along with the 5 audios.

These 62 pages provide visual connection and explanation to the deep knowledge I bring up the audio recordings. And what can I say? Once an educator, always a lover of power point!

I believe with all my heart that you once you jump into this material, you will gain the insight and tools to create the relationship you KNOW you want to have with your children.






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Here’s What People Are Saying…

“I’ve been working with Teresa for the past year. She has been a shining light, a mediator, a mentor, and an inspirational force. She’s been a source of support and validation, and also challenged me to see and explore topics in ways I hadn’t previously considered. She surpassed my expectations through her ability to take a holistic approach to each and every situation, and to address issues with the open mind and heart of someone who can combine years of leadership experience with the ability to deeply listen and engage multiple viewpoints.It is through conversations with Teresa that I’ve developed a deeper understanding of my own personal and professional goals and the courage to redefine my values and career path. I look forward to working with Teresa because it is always an opportunity to connect with a brilliant thinker and a calm, grounded spirit.” ~ Maria Moore

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. What a help it was to find new tools/habits to help us through our difficult times. I am so excited about our journey and so happy to have folks, like you, to support us along the way!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~ Leslie


Let’s believe.

Let’s believe that love and justice can change the world.

Let’s believe that you can be the parent you want to be, with children and for yourself.

Let’s believe that everything you need is within you right now.

Let’s believe that our inner work is a foundation for outer action that ultimately liberates individuals, groups, and communities.

Let’s believe.

Let’s act on those beliefs.

Sliding Scale – Please Pay With Your Conscience
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