Welcoming Spring – Letter from the Editor – March 2023

Letter from the Editor for Spring 2023

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Dear Kindred,

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As I’ve shared in past posts, it’s always a good idea to remember that Spring celebrations in ancient traditions and mythologies embraced the ascent of Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, to the upper world where the work of integrating shadow and light begins a new cycle of growth. In more recent history, Yeshua ascends to Christ Consciousness after his resurrection. The teaching at the core of these stories of rebirth can be missed if we’re focused on chocolate rabbits and hiding Easter eggs, but as our recent Breaking the Cycle group mused, without the experience of wholeness – awareness of our shadow and light through discernment – wisdom is not possible.

In our Breaking the Cycle gatherings, we hear from people around the world who are naming and noticing in their own homes and communities what does and does not support life, bring joy, and foster wellbeing. These monthly Zoom calls provide evidence that there are more of us than we know dedicated to the humble work of moving ourselves toward wholeness. There is more courage and strength remaining in these times in ourselves and others who are unflinchingly intent on extracting all that can be learned from our unsustainable Dominant Worldview before transmuting this experience of wholeness into the wisdom needed for a New Cycle.
In this issue of Kindred, our family of contributors are offering kind and compassionate guidance for moving with awareness from our individual and collective shadow into the light of our full potential as a human family (see the curated content below). We’re especially interested in creating sustainable humans (children who do not need to recover from their childhoods), and grateful to feature the award-winning science of Darcia Narvaez’s Evolved Nest.
Did you know? For 25 years, Kindred World’s nonprofit mission has been to explore and create a Wisdom-based, Wellness-informed Society.  If you identify as a Trance-Breaker, New Cycle Maker, or Seeker, welcome home.
Lisa Reagan
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