Reimagining Humanity Film Launch – the Sequel to Breaking the Cycle

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June 20, 2023 at 4 p.m. ET

Discover the new short film, Reimagining Humanity, the sequel to Breaking the Cycle, and its goal to help us employ our rational imaginations and ancestral wisdom to remember who we really are, and who we can truly become. Visit the website to see the film and discover resources for community engagement:  Read the press release here.

In this discussion, Darcia Narvaez and Lisa Reagan discussion how the short film draws on our ongoing nonprofit vision-holding of a Wisdom-based, Wellness-informed Society. Listen to Darcia answer, How do we pull ourselves away from the glue of this Cycle of Detached Competition, our Dominant Worldview?

You need three things.

First, to change behavior, you need to have a goal, a vision of how things can be, to motivate change. RH provides this vision. Things don’t have to be the way they are, in fact they’ve hardly ever been this way.

Second, you need specific direction, that’s the Indigenous worldview and its manifestations.
We can all assess our worldview practices and move them towards kinship with one another and the rest of the natural world. Again 99% of humanity manifested the Indigenous worldview.

Third, to accomplish the vision, you need steps: the evolved nest.
We can all practice nestedness in every aspect of our lives—listening to Nature, respecting the needs of babies, gently receiving others’ perspectives, playing joyfully with one another, healing and grieving together.

The overall message of RH is that our ancestors knew how to live well and fully with diversity, in oneness. We can do so too.

Listen to the Reimagining Humanity Discussion


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