Planet Local Summit Presentation by Darcia Narvaez

Watch the livestream video from the Planet Local summit, held Sept 29 to Oct 1, 2023 in Bristol, England. Darcia Narvaez’s presentation, Rediscovering Humanity: Community, Nature and Us, begins at timestamp: 1:23:44. Darcia is Kindred World’s president, the Evolved Nest Initiative founder, and a contributing editor to Kindred Media.

Local Futures sponsored the summit that featured luminaries such as Iain McGilchrist, Vandana Shiva, and Jeremy Lent. Local Futures is an international non-profit organisation and a pioneer of the new economy movement. Local Futures has been raising awareness for four decades about the need to shift direction – away from dependence on global monopolies, and towards decentralised, regional economies.

Local Futures is a nonprofit partner of Kindred World

Read more about the Evolved Nest by Darcia on Kindred.

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