Why Reimagine Humanity? And How The New Short Film Can Help

When the Evolved Nest is provisioned to children and to adults,

our full humanity is developed and expressed.

Through the Evolved Nest we develop the Kinship Worldview.

Reimagining Humanity gives us a taste of the kind of lifeways that nestedness promotes.


In this podcast, Darcia Narvaez and Lisa Reagan discuss how the short film draws on our ongoing nonprofit vision-holding at Kindred World of a Wisdom-based, Wellness-informed Society. Listen to Darcia answer, How do we pull ourselves away from the glue of this Cycle of Detached Competition, our Dominant Worldview?

You need three things.

First, to change behavior, you need to have a goal, a vision of how things can be, to motivate change. RH provides this vision. Things don’t have to be the way they are, in fact they’ve hardly ever been this way.

Second, you need specific direction, that’s the Indigenous worldview and its manifestations.
We can all assess our worldview practices and move them towards kinship with one another and the rest of the natural world. Again 99% of humanity manifested the Indigenous worldview.

Third, to accomplish the vision, you need steps: the evolved nest.
We can all practice nestedness in every aspect of our lives—listening to Nature, respecting the needs of babies, gently receiving others’ perspectives, playing joyfully with one another, healing and grieving together.

The overall message of RH is that our ancestors knew how to live well and fully with diversity, in oneness. We can do so too.

  1. Listen to the discussion on Why We Need To Reimagine Humanity below.
  2. Read the film description, along with links to the website and the resources you’ll find there.
  3. Watch the film’s trailer below.

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Learn More About Reimagining Humanity

Welcome to the Evolved Nest’s educational, short film, Reimagining Humanity. The goal of the moving and inspirational 12-minute film is to expand human imagination, based in deep history and transdisciplinary science, about human potential. We have not always been so stressed, disconnected and mindlessly destructive. For most of our species’ existence we have lived in cooperative companionship. The film illustrates what this looks like.

Reimagining Humanity names and illustrates many of the Indigenous/Kinship Worldview precepts, from trust in Spirit to trusting the cycle of life, from respecting diversity to avoiding rigid hierarchy. Through our Evolved Nest, our evolutionary and neurobiological pathway to lifelong wellbeing, we develop the Kinship Worldview. When the Evolved Nest is provisioned to children and to adults, our full humanity is developed and expressed. Reimagining Humanity gives us a taste of the kind of lifeways that nestedness promotes.

Reimagining Humanity is based on Narvaez’s award-winning book, Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom, which was chosen for the 2017 Expanded Reason Award from among more than 360 total entries from 170 universities and 30 countries. Narvaez received the prize, including a substantial monetary award, at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City on September 27, 2017. The book also received the William James Award from the American Psychological Association in 2015, and the American Educational Research Association’s Moral Development and Special Interest Group Award in 2016. Reimagining Humanity was made possible through the Expanded Reason Award’s award monies.

Narvaez hosted interdisciplinary conferences at the University of Notre Dame regarding early experience and human development in 2010, 2012, and 2014. (Click on the links to see the full conferences.) In 2016 she organized a conference on Sustainable Wisdom: Integrating Indigenous KnowHow for Global Flourishing from which an academic book emerged (Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom) but also a partnership with Four Arrows (Wahinkpe Topa). They collaborated on the popular 2022 book, Restoring the kinship worldview: Indigenous voices introduce 28 precepts for rebalancing life on planet earth. Reimagining Humanity is also inspired by their ongoing collaboration.

A Professor of Psychology Emerita at the University of Notre Dame, Narvaez emerged in the top two percent of scientists worldwide in a 2020 analysis. Of the eight million scientists in the world, the analysis concerned those who had at least five articles published in scientific journals between 1996 and 2017. Individuals were ranked according to various criteria, including number of citations of their work.

Narvaez is the president of the venerable American nonprofit, Kindred World, a contributing editor to Kindred, the first global eco-parenting magazine, an advisory board member of Attachment Parenting International and Self-Reg. She is former executive editor of the Journal of Moral Education. She has been quoted and her work cited in The Atlantic, Time, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Indianapolis Star, as well as in international media.

Viewers of the Reimagining Humanity short film are welcome to host public screenings of the film with the Reimagining Humanity Film Discussion and Resources on the website, www.ReimaginingHumanity.org.

Narvaez is available for interviews and presentations about the film and her work. You may contact her at evolvednestinitiative@gmail.com.

Kindred World is an award-winning American nonprofit providing public education on creating a Wisdom-based, Wellness-informed Society through multiple initiatives, projects, and conferences since 1996. The Evolved Nest is an educational initiative of Kindred World.

Visit the Evolved Nest Learning Center: https://evolvednest.org/nine-components-overview

Read more about the Evolved Nest on Kindred.

See the original short film in the series, Breaking the Cycle.

Join the Kindred Community to become a part of an ongoing discussion, and monthly live discussions with Darcia Narvaez, at www.KindredCommunity.org. This space is an ad-free, Mighty Networks platform.


Watch the Trailer for Reimagining Humanity


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