Deep Downshifting – living a life of no regrets

A presentation with Kali Wendorf
Editor / publisher, Kindred magazine

In this age of climate change, compromised democracy and environmental destruction, many of us ask, ‘What can we do in our lives to make a change?’ In response, a new phenomenon is arising in Australia – it’s called downshifting. Downshifting is the process of directing your life away from the money-driven consumer culture, and towards a life more passionately and deliberately lived – creating more time, creativity, health and abundance, while lightening our environmental footprint on the earth. Also known as ‘voluntary simplicity’, as many as 23% of all Australians have downshifted in the last ten years. This makes the downshifting movement numerically significant and potentially powerful. By living in this way, we not only lessen our environmental impact, but also become the architect of our own lives, making us a vital part of the essential movement towards global sustainability. Far from a superficial sea-change, this is the stuff of transformation and deep personal introspection – the archetypal hero’s journey where we access our greatness, courage and uniqueness.

Upbeat, honest and inspiring, Kali bases this presentation on her own personal story in living a life deliberately. Drawing on her experience as a publisher of a major national sustainable family life magazine, she reveals how such a lifestyle impacts on both personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. In this talk participants will explore together their own personal circumstances and discover a new and empowered way forward.


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