Showing Up – stepping out of the box – and into your life

A presentation with Kali Wendorf
Editor / publisher, Kindred magazine

At seven years old, a child travels to Ethiopia with her archaeologist father to live amongst the Galla people near Lake Ziway. There she encounters a friend, a tall Galla warrior employed by her father to watch over her while he worked in the field. Through their friendship, she learns of something profound, which reveals a deeper understanding of her life, herself and her connection to all things.

With honesty and inspiration, Kali recounts her story to illustrate the hero’s journey we all travel, and the importance of reclaiming one’s life away from the market-driven script we are given. In this age of climate change, environmental destruction and endangered democracy, we are each being called tap into our authentic selves and show up for humankind to midwife it through these serious but transformational times. Kali believes in the inherent goodness and wisdom in each one of us, and our ability – when given the choice – to do great things.

Participants will recognise their own journey, its significant turning points and its inherent dignity within Kali’s words, and emerge empowered and inspired to make powerfully authentic personal and professional decisions.

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