How I Became a Soul Nurturer

My Personal Spiritual Journey


The inspiration for my future career as a soul nurturer was cultivated at a very young age. I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia in the 1970s where I lived in a middle-class neighborhood and attended the local elementary school—a school economically and racially diverse in its population. The six years that I spent at this school gave me my first conscious experiences with empathy. I remember feeling compassion for other students in the school whose lives were so different from my own. My heart desired for them, what I had in my own life—two loving parents, a stable home, and many extracurricular opportunities. As far back as first grade, I vividly remember looking into the eyes of the many children in my class and seeing extraordinary beauty and potential even though many of them could not readily see this in themselves.

This empathy, along with an openness to dissect and decode life through frequent in-depth family discussions, propelled me into my current work as a soul nurturer. From a young age, I longed for my own personal, intimate relationship with the Universe. I now realize that I was also longing for a deeper relationship with my own soul.

At the age of nineteen as I was beginning my sophomore year in college, my seemingly easy family life abruptly ended when my parents separated, and two years later divorced. After sifting through the drama and the hurt, I could see quite clearly that the divorce was a life-changing and wonderful opportunity for all in our family  to develop new perceptions of love and intimacy. While going through the divorce, my father, in particular, began to seek out a different way of looking at things. It was at this time that he was introduced to spiritual ideas that would eventually shift my life much more than his.

One of the most pivotal moments in my soul’s journey was a direct result of the breakup of my parent’s marriage. My father gave me two personal growth books—one was Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain and the other was A Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach. This gift from my father was my first real experience with personal spiritual development, and it changed the course of my life. These books immediately led to several other books, all speaking a similar spiritual language, that ultimately created a shift in my consciousness. Seeing the world through this new perspective literally left me breathless because the message resonated so deeply with the truth that lay within my own soul. I realized that my soul had been longing for this moment my entire life. The time had come—the glass ceiling had been shattered. I began my own spiritual journey, a true heart’s desire, aimed at nothing short of full self-realization.

I remember so vividly my feelings when I entered my first metaphysical bookstore and browsed through all of the colorful books. My favorite thing to do was to walk over to this eclectic bookstore and feel the peace and joy wash over me. I would gently touch each book and felt interior elation just being surrounded by all of this wonderful spiritual material. I simply could not get enough contemplation of the Divine. It made my heart sing with delight. It made my body tingle. It opened my mind to the incredible beauty of the Universe. I was amazed at what had lain right underneath the surface of my life. I had always felt there was something else about life that I was missing—I sensed a magnificence that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. And now, I was providing myself the perfect opportunity to explore it all from the inside out.

My spiritual exploration has been like a beautiful dance with the Universe, changing partners and steps along the way. This journey has been my passion, my hobby, and my innermost delight. I am endlessly amazed at all that continues to converge in my life to continue the evolution of this wondrous spiritual path. This journey places me square in the face of self-love and oneness. It elevates me to my version of heaven on earth.

Who are you really deep down? What lights you up? What are your true passions? What feeds your fire? What fills your tank? What puts you in your zone? What takes you to your sweet spot? What are your gifts? What makes your eyes sparkle and your lips unknowingly curl into a smile? As a soul nurturer, I help others awaken to their own truth in all aspects of life by providing the tools and encouragement to look more closely at their inner world. I assist others in viewing their lives from an expanded perspective helping them to remember their divine, creative, intuitive, eternal nature as they integrate this spiritual truth into their life decisions. My primary role is to inspire others to reconnect with their spirit and listen to the voice of their own soul so that direct divine connection can become fully accessible within daily reality.

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