Intuition and the Family

Intuition and the Family


Because we are blended beings—both physical and non-physical—we have been blessed with an ongoing, user-friendly, and trustworthy gift. Knowledge of their inner compass, and as important, permission to use it daily for both big and small decisions is perhaps the most powerful tool that we can offer our children beginning at a very young age. Even as young babes rocking in our arms, we can whisper in their ears the truth of their divine heritage as beautiful blended beings—both body and spirit—and all that this conscious understanding means to their total well-being.

For many years now, we have openly discussed, utilized and cherished intuition in our home on a daily basis. Our three children, now ages fourteen, thirteen and ten, have come to see that they do indeed have the capacity to hear the voice of their own soul, and we invite them to listen to it at every turn. Yes, we respect the rational mind as well, but in our family, even though it sometimes goes against the “shoulds” of the societal norms, intuition reigns supreme. It is a conscious choice on our part to lean in the intuitive direction when it comes to making a decision, and trust in this choice stems from our connection to the larger perspective that we are blended beings. This connection is what enables intuition to flourish in our family.

We utilize five different ways to remember our intuitive nature when faced with a distinct choice or simply when changing direction a bit here and there. If we need to search out information, we do it. If we need to seek out help or advice, we do that, as well. But ultimately, we rely on our intuition to guide us to each step and to the final decision. Intuition can be activated in any number of ways, but in our family the following five reminders serve us quite nicely. It is important to get into a habit of identifying intuitive feelings daily until it becomes the natural means of navigating life choices. We utilize all of the reminders as they each invite intuition to surface in a unique way.

1)      Feel Your Way! This is a reminder to get quiet for a moment and feel the choice that leads you in a direction of greater peace, joy, upliftment, ease and flow. When my older daughter came to us saying that she felt she may want to give up playing soccer after nine years in the sport, we invited her to close her eyes and let us know how continuing to play on her high level travel team felt and then how creating the space to try new things felt. Her answer was astounding! While continuing to play made her feel heavy, anxious, and down, moving on felt like a weight being lifted off her shoulders, lightness, and made her smile. She opened her eyes and knew her answer, and then we took the necessary steps to make the change.

 2)      Trust Your Vibes! This is a reminder that we are spiritual beings able to pick up on the energy that surrounds us easily and readily. We have taught our children that they are very much like radio receivers. Similar to feeling their way, we ask them to check in with their vibes regularly in regards to everything. They know that their vibes are their most valuable resource. As their independence grows, their vibes become more and more important. When dropping them off for outings with friends or as they head out on their bikes, we often remind them to stay awake and to trust their vibes.

3)      Listen to Your Body! The body provides a beautiful red light/green light navigational system that can be taught and utilized on a daily basis. We have held many family discussions to lay the groundwork for this understanding to become integrated in our children as a means of following their intuition. A red light intuitive hit might be lethargy, a headache, a stomachache, low energy, fatigue, a rash, an ailment, or any health malady that comes on suddenly. We always seek to connect the red light feeling in our body with the choices we are making at the time. Likewise, a green light intuitive hit may feel like increased joy, excitement, enthusiasm, high energy, smiling, peace, a sparkle in the eye, butterflies and an ease of previous physical symptoms or ailments. Again, it is up to us to make the physical connection to our larger reality.

4)      Live True! Authenticity is a top-priority in our family. We teach our children that the greatest gift they can offer themselves and the world at large is their truth. Intuition plays a big part in identifying our truth as we feel what resonates for us in all aspects of life. This inner resonation is ultimately our guide. We stress with them over and over again, that there is so much more occurring than what meets the eye, and if they choose to allow it, they can uncover their own truth regardless of the dictates of society and others, always. They are captains of their own ship. As parents, helping them to utilize their intuition goes a long way in helping them to captain that ship well for them.

5)      I Love Myself! This reminder sits on our bathroom mirror as a reminder to the whole family that we have a right to feel our way, trust our vibes, listen to our body and live true. Self-Love is part of every choice in our family. Betrayal of self is much more insidious in our culture than many realize. We often get intuitive hits, creative ideas, red light/green light feelings and resonations of truth, but choose not to follow them because of our fear that we will betray others. We teach our children that following their truth will serve not only their highest good, but also the highest good for the other, as well. We need more truth in our world today, and it starts with personal truth.

Intuition must be modeled, taught and allowed to flourish in the home. Speak of it often and remind your beloved children that they are blended beings, more powerful to create their own reality than most realize. In 2011, it is time to offer our children more—and greater intimacy with their own soul—there is no greater gift…

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