Pregnant? Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What to Expect!


Pregnant? Don’t let anyone tell you what to expect!

Life has a way of attracting to us what we are expecting. What we think about we bring about. Pregnancy is a time when your senses become heightened. You become better at observing everything and everyone around you. What you expose yourself to and surround yourself with during pregnancy affects you and your baby in many different ways. Think for a moment about all of the messages you are exposed to on a daily basis. What are you reading on the internet, in books and magazines? Are you reading from sources that help to empower you and give you confidence, or are you reading information that tells you what to expect and focuses on the frightening, potential dangers in pregnancy and childbirth? What are you watching on TV?  Who are the people you are spending time with and how do you feel when you are around them? Are you surrounding yourself with loving, supportive people? 

You are making choices in every moment and these choices impact the health of your pregnancy and the health of your baby. What you think about and engage in during your pregnancy changes your stress levels and the emotions you have.  Your internal and external environment actually impacts your developing baby. (For more information about the specific ways babies are impacted by the prenatal environment you can read The Greatest Pregnancy Ever).

You and only you are in charge of who and what you allow yourself to “plug-in to”. When you watch a show on TV or read a book that causes you to worry or feel stress, you are sending messages to your baby (through chemical messengers) that causes your baby to feel stress, as well.  When you instead choose to participate in activities that make you feel wonderful, like taking a walk outside with someone you love, your baby gets the benefit of feeling positive emotions and increased oxygen flow. Your baby even starts to develop a positive relationship with the person you are walking with!

When it comes to expectations, you should be in control of deciding what it is you want to expect. Think instead about what you want to manifest for yourself and your baby. Have you taken the time to imagine the birth that you wish to have? What would that be like? Take some time now to envision who you want to be surrounded by, what environment you want to give birth in, what you want it to feel like during your labor. Spend time every day imagining this personal creation. It’s a sort of meditation you can practice. You can also create a pregnancy/birth vision board that will be a visual reminder of your intentions for your pregnancy and birth. More on this in a future blog.

Finally, if you want to expect something, expect to feel grateful for everything in your life (even things that challenge you). A practice of gratitude goes a long way towards changing how you feel and what you do. Have you made a conscious effort to be grateful for your life? The world has a way of delivering to you more of what you focus on, so why not make a daily habit to feel grateful and expect the best?

If you want to have a great pregnancy, a wonderful, empowering birth and a happy family then you must begin to make choices in your life that support those dreams. You are ultimately in control of how you feel about everything in your life. While you cannot choose what might happen in your life, you do get to choose your reaction and what you do in response. You can choose to spend more time with those people in your life who support you and enrich your life. You can choose to spend time thinking about positive pregnancy and birth images. You can have The Greatest Pregnancy Ever but first you must begin by imagining it happening! Expect a great pregnancy and don’t let anyone change your mind!


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