Are You a Clean Mirror for Your Children?

There is a missing piece (PEACE) in our world today that few desire to look at head-on. It is not a religious piece, an educational piece, a political piece, an economic piece or a healthcare piece. Itís a spiritual piece, and the acknowledgement and subsequent activation of that piece begins in the home. As parents, few of us understand who we really are as intuitive, creative, powerful, spiritual beings, and therefore, do not reflect the truth of our magnificent identity back to our children. In other words, despite well-meaning and loving intentions, instead of children observing, and more importantly, feeling wholeness, authenticity, self-love, truth, transparency and well-being reflected back to them from parents, they often see a diminished version of what is possible for the parent, and therefore, a diminished version of what is possible for them. 

The most important step in elevating the reality of any family is the parents consciously moving down a path of self-realization to heal old wounds, uncover hidden beliefs, release denied emotions, and allow greater joy so that they can become a clear mirror for their children. As parents begin to become more comfortable within their own skin and follow the inner linings of their own heart more courageously, they simultaneously give their children permission to do the same. There is no greater gift that parents can offer their children. A deeper intimacy with our own soul – the largest perspective of who we are – will change our world beyond the current more surface band-aids that we continually attempt to reapply in all corners of society, often with disappointing results. It is up to parents to feel a greater responsibility to model soul intimacy, as well as encourage the same in their children. This is front-end work rather than back-end that will make a huge difference in the level of dysfunction, anxiety, stress, and despair found in so many families today.

The call right now is for parents from all religious, economic and cultural backgrounds to begin to consciously integrate a new perspective – a universal SOUL perspective – into their beloved family while simultaneously raising consciousness in our world. Below are ten suggestions for parents to consider as they seek to offer their children the fruits of their own spiritual journey. 

Utilize everyday life such as friendships, nature, mealtimes, music, movies, and much moreóas the perfect curriculum and forum to teach your children powerful, universal principles such as connectedness, self-love, presence, and forgiveness. 

Teach your children to allow multiple perspectives in all life situations and relationships by ìflippingî challenges into positive, learning opportunities. 

Train your children to be more conscious of thoughts, words, deeds, priorities, beliefs and choices so that they can assume greater responsibility for the creation of their own reality. 

Encourage compassion, empathy and gratitude in your children on a daily basis by making them the most-used words in your home. 

Turn the JOY in family life way up by singing, dancing, smiling, humming, laughing, and relaxing rigid perspectives as often as possible through openness and gratitude. 

Model authenticity through speaking and living your truth thereby giving your children permission to do the same

Show your spirit daily so that your children can witness multiple aspects of you, and in turn, see multiple aspects in themselves. 

Teach your children that they are intuitive, creative, eternal spiritual beings – much larger than simply their physical form – and filled with infinite possibility and the capacity for direct divine connection. 

Assist your children in understanding that an appreciation for life in the present moment, coupled with enthusiasm for their future, plants the necessary seeds for manifesting their true heartís desires. 

Provide the space and opportunity for your children to focus on their interior world as much as the exterior world, allowing greater intimacy with the voice of their own soul to feel what resonates as truth for them. 

Soul to Soul Parenting

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  1. Janine Maitri says

    This is one of the most eloquent pieces I’ve ever read on raising children. I want to post it everywhere! I will link it up on my website, as you said beautifully what I want all parents to know… and anyone who is gifted with children in their lives. Thank you for your beautiful writing Annie! Look forward to reading more.

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