Conscious Pregnancy? There’s An APP for That!

Our Top Ten APPS for Supporting a Healthy, Mindful Pregnancy imageOur Top Ten APPS for Supporting a Healthy, Mindful Pregnancy


It can be difficult to know where to find resources to support you in having a conscious pregnancy. The good news is that technology can come to your rescue. The challenge is that a google search for pregnancy apps delivers over 14,000 options to select from. We have done the hard work for you and found our favorite apps to keep you calm, conscious and connected.

Applications for Meditations

Want to take time every day to quiet yourself and connect with your baby? These apps can help both beginners and those who meditate frequently.

Positive Pregnancy With Andrew Johnson (Michael Schneider) $2.99 – For guided meditation, this application is very basic but has nice and peaceful visualizations for those beginning meditation.

Simply Being: Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence (Meditation Oasis) $0.99 – Whether you have 5 minutes or 20 minutes, this application will allow you to select the visualization that is right for you. While not specific to pregnancy, it is perfect for beginners.

Meditation (Red Hammer Software) $0.99 – This application is designed for more advanced meditators, as it is basically a compilation of peaceful sounds that can help induce a tranquil state of mind.

Pregnancy Health Yoga: Guided Meditation (Studio Six Digital) $0.99 – If you like guided imagery and visualizations, this is the application for you.  Dr. Gowri Motha leads mothers peacefully through select meditations.

Applications for Prenatal Yoga/Pilates

Pregnancy Health Yoga (Studio Six Digital) $7.99– This application is based on Tara Lee’s DVD for Prenatal Yoga.  It shows you postures for restorative practice, preparing for labor and doing yoga with your partner.

A Prenatal Yoga (Dawnsun Technologies, LLC) $0.99 – This application gives you both an image and information on prenatal postures that guides you through each trimester and into the postpartum period.

Pilates for Pregnancy: Complete (Dramatic Applications) $9.99 – Combining pilates, to do lists, places for notes and a photo album, this app offers many features for pregnant moms. While we don’t love all of the information included, it has good features for those who enjoy pilates.

Peaceful Sleeping

iSleep Easy (Meditation Oasis) $4.99– Having difficulty falling asleep? This application offers guided meditations, preset playlists, and choices of both music and nature sounds.

Reducing Anxiety

At Ease (Meditation Oasis) $2.99 – With both meditation, breath awareness, journaling and exercises, this application offers support to mothers suffering from anxiety.

Cleveland Clinics Stress Meditations (Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprises) $0.99  – This app has techniques we love! It offers eight different stress reduction techniques that are proven to work. We especially appreciate the calming scenes that are available, like the peaceful waterfall and the beautiful sunrise. In fact, the loving kindness meditation and the full body scan are two of the eight techniques we write about in our book, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever.

You don’t have to be barefoot in the mountains to experience peace and tranquility during pregnancy. In fact, you can incorporate modern day tools such as smart phones and iPads to help you have the greatest pregnancy ever

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