“Revolutionary Activist for Attachment Parenting” with Jamie Grumet

As a passionate activist for breastfeeding and attachment parenting, Jamie Grumet posed on the cover of Time magazine in May 2012 nursing her almost four year-old son. Lisa Reagan called Jamie in May and asked if she knew the cover was going to be used to divide mothers with its inflammatory headline, “Are You Mom Enough?”
In this interview, Jamie tells Lisa about the Time magazine shoot, feeling blindsided by its cover headline and how she and her family have survived a media firestorm. Jamie and her family posed for a new cover on the fall 2012 magazine issue of Pathways to Family Wellness. (The print version of this interview also appears in the Pathways fall issue.) Jamie talks about her desire to represent attachment parenting ideally. She also shares her nonprofit work in Ethiopia through her Fayye Foundation.

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