Co-Sleeping, Public Policy and Parents Civil Rights, New Video

Co-Sleeping – The Full 18 Minute Interview with James McKenna, PhD from Kindred Magazine on Vimeo.

Dr. James J. McKenna, PhD, director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame shares:

– The science and history of co-sleeping,
– The need to define the terminology
– Why public policy is based on social norms instead of science,
– Why public policy is unethical, as it withholds information about cosleeping
– And how parents can become empowered and stand up for what is essentially a civil right: to make your conscious parenting choices according to science and not unethical public policy and uninformed social norms.

Watch the individual and shorter sections of this video interview below:

1.  Defining Our Terms: Co-Sleeping and Bedsharing, Watch Video

2.  How Science and History Support You Sleeping With Your Baby, Watch Video

3.  Co-sleeping Safety Guidelines, Watch Video

4.  Co-Sleeping: Public Policy and Parents Civil Rights, Watch Video

For more information on co-sleeping, including a complete inventory of FAQs and articles, visit Dr. McKenna at the Mother-Baby Sleep Behaviorial Laboratory, University of Notre Dame.

Film videography by Keith Reagan.

Lisa Reagan, James McKenna, PhD, and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett at the More then LATCH conference in Chesapeake, Virginia, February 2013.
  1. Katie says

    Thank you so much for this! I had a VERY colicky baby that lasted until he was 5+ months. The first night I decided to let him sleep in my bed (out of desperation because we both just needed to sleep!), he slept SO much better! He was immediately a MUCH happier baby and he has slept in my bed ever since. Of course, I have been cautious of the same things mentioned in this video that make it safe, and I feel like it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made with any of my kids yet! At his checkup yesterday, the doctor asked what I did to help him get better and I told her, knowing that she wouldn’t approve. I was right, she gave me the “babies die…” lecture and told me I need to start teaching him to sleep in his own bed alone. This video is great encouragement to support what I felt all along!

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