Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Never Meditate

Is meditation really for everybody? Aren’t there a lot of good reasons never to meditate? Seems like all we do on this blog is go on and on about how great meditation is. To remedy this one-sided approach and bring a bit of balance, I’ve painstakingly compiled a carefully researched list of the top ten reasons never to meditate. Please feel free to add your own reasons in the comments section.

Here is the list of the Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Never Meditate:

10. I like being stressed out and on edge most of the time

9. It’s too old school. How can something that people have done for thousands of years have any relevance now?

8. Why would anyone want to get to know their own mind? The little bit that I’ve seen of my mind convinces me it’s time to get to know someone else’s!

7. It’s too popular. I refuse to follow the crowd even when something is really good for me.

6. I am too distracted by my thoughts and emotions to remember to meditate.

5. Who wants to be teased by their friends for having too much equanimity?

4. If everyone meditated the world might become a peaceful, boring place without all that exciting anger and aggression.

3. I have so little time to surf the web, and catch up on Facebook as it is.

2. Meditation seems too much like sitting around doing nothing.

And the number one reason never to meditate is:

1. I would rather tirelessly think about the same thoughts and emotions over and over again in a seemingly endless loop than learn to rest peacefully in my own natural awareness


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