Are You A Cultural Creative? Find Out!

Are you a Cultural Creative?  This list of statements can give you an idea of what Cultural Creatives value.  But as social scientist, Paul Ray, says in Kindred’s interview, the edges are fuzzy as everyone is evolving and learning new perspectives all the time!  To find out more about Cultural Creatives, read or listen to Kindred’s interview with social scientist, Paul Ray, PhD, here.  Buy the book, Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World.

You Are Likely To Be A Cultural Creative If You…


1. Love Nature and are Deeply Concerned About its Destruction.


2. Place Great Emphasis on Relationships


3. Are Not Materialistic, Money-Driven,  or Likely to be in Debt


4. Have Artistic Inclinations


5.  Are Interested in Spirituality and Personal Growth


6. Desire Equality for Women/Feminist Bent 


7. Have a Habit of Volunteering/Helping


9.  Have a Lively Interest in Other Countries, Cultures and Customs


9. Are Concerned for Planet-wide Issues Like Global Warming and Poverty


10.  Are Willing to Pay Higher Taxes if it Benefits Society


 11.  Are Concerned About the High Cost of Corporate Profits 



  1. lakhotyuk lyubov says

    Was surprised to know that I am a Cultural Creative. Thank you

  2. Irina Brisova says

    I am a Cultural Creative! That’s god to know!

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